Wearable battery helps smart shoes lead the future

In recent years, with the rise of wearable smart devices, shoes have naturally been favored by the market as one of the essential wearables in people’s travel life. Smart shoe products occupy a piece of the market in the thriving smart wearable products market. And the wearable battery is playing a big role.

wearable battery to meet the needs of smart shoes

For smart shoes with higher functional requirements, lithium batteries will be used. The quality of the batteries they use is demanding, and the shape is irregular. At present, Grepow can produce wearable battery to meet the needs of various smart shoes, and has been applied in shoes of one of the Fortune 500 companies! Up to now, there have been dozens of companies in the field of smart shoes.  What is surprising is that in the field of smart shoes, there are many traditional shoe companies, such as Nike, Adi, Li Ning and so on.

Nike-HyperAdapt 1.0 smart shoes

This is a shoe that can automatically adjust the tightness. After wearing the shoes, it will automatically adjust the tightness according to the fit of the feet and the shoes, without the need to tie the shoelaces. That way, you don’t have to worry that your shoelaces will come apart during intense exercise!

There is an engine at the bottom of the shoe, and a sensor in the heel adjusts the wire hidden behind the LACES to adjust the tightness of the shoe based on the shape of the foot. At this time, the shoe will make a slight mechanical sound.

The whole process of wearing shoes is only about ten seconds. The charging time of these shoes is about three hours. It can be used for two weeks after charging one time. Of course, it depends on the frequency of the owner wearing shoes.

There is a row of lights at the heel of the shoe. When the power is enough, the prompt light will emit blue light. When blue light turns yellow, it means you can wear it for days. When a wearable battery is low on power, it doesn’t “shut down” right away. Instead, it alerts its owner with a flashing red light that it needs recharging.

Pioneer – luminous smart shoes

This smart shoe launched by Pioneer Electronics is like a flashlight in front and back. They are a great way to walk in the dark! Its headlights illuminate a distance of up to 1.5 meters. The LED green light at the back of the shoe allows the vehicle to notice pedestrians. The best part of the pair is that it converts the energy produced by the movement into electricity and supplies it on its own.

In addition, the shoes come with GPS and an alarm system that can be used to scare away attackers. The shoe also has a button that, when pressed in case of danger, silently sends its location to the emergency center.

The traditional footwear industry is already saturated, we need innovative smart footwear products, while the wearable battery produced by Grepow can meet the requirements of various shapes.

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