The Best RC Battery Charger in 2021-GENS ACE IMARS 3

Grepow lipo battery charger for rc cars GENSACE ImarsIII

GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC Battery Charger Introduction

Three years after the launch of the IMARS 2 charger, we finally launched the third-generation IMARS 3 smart RC battery charger with both appearance and performance. The new generation GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC charger has a built-in high-power power supply directly in the fuselage. There is no need to drag a bulky “big black box”. At the same time, the output power is doubled to 100W compared with the previous generation’s 50W, and the 6s battery can finally be charged with 5A current.

This GENS ACE RC battery charger product is AC100-240V 50/60HZ AC input, the maximum charging power is 100W, it can quickly charge a variety of battery combinations such as conventional 1-6 series lithium batteries, 2-18 series Ni-MH batteries, and the maximum charging current is 5A.

GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC Battery Charger is Charging an RC battery

GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC Battery Charger Function

The circuit design of this product is completely different from the traditional chargers on the market. The specific features are as follows:

1. AC to DC charging method

The traditional RC chargers on the market use two-stage series buck-boost charging, that is, AC-DC gets a stable DC voltage, and then the battery is charged by the DC-DC buck-boost circuit, which will lead to the efficiency of the entire product It is low and bulky. The GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC battery charger uses AC-DC direct charging method to charge the battery, eliminating the DC-DC part, and the unique internal control system will control the AC-DC according to different battery packs for fast direct charging, one step in place, product charging efficiency Reaching more than 90%, the volume of the product can be made very small due to the elimination of the DC-DC circuit.

GENS ACE IMARS 3 uses AC-DC direct charging method

2. PFC power correction function

There is no PFC power correction function in the traditional chargers on the market, and the power factor of the product is very low, which causes a large loss to the power grid. This product design does not meet the certification standards and cannot pass the CE certification. The GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC battery charger has a built-in PFC circuit with a power factor of 0.9 or more and can pass CE certification.

GENS ACE IMARS 3 with PFC power correction function

3. Temperature compensation function

During the charging process, the charging power of the GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC battery charger has a temperature compensation function. When the internal temperature is high, the power will be appropriately reduced, and when the temperature is low, the charging power will be increased to ensure the safety and reliability of the product at all times.

4. The controlled heat dissipation system

The GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC battery charger has a controlled heat dissipation system. When the internal temperature is low, the wind control system does not turn on. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the wind control system is turned on to dissipate heat to achieve energy saving. The traditional chargers on the market basically need to be turned on as soon as the wind control system is powered on.

GENS ACE IMARS 3 controlled heat dissipation system

5. Touch control system

The GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC battery charger adopts a touch control system, which is very easy to operate compared to the traditional button operating system and can make the appearance relatively beautiful.

GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC Battery Charger Certification

Parameters of GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC Battery Charger

Product Model I MARS III Maximum Charging Voltage 26.4V
Display Type Backlight 2×6 LCD Maximum Charging Power 100W
Input Power 100V~240V AC, 50~60Hz~1.5A Maximum Discharging Power 5W
Charging Current 0.1A~5.0A Cell Balancing 2~6S
Discharge Current 0.1A~1.5A USB Output 5V/2.4A
Accessories Included AC Input Cable Product Net Weight 0.4Kg
Balance Adapter Board Supported Battery Chemistries LiPo/LiFe/LiHv (1~6S)
XT60-T Plug Adapter NiMH Charge (3~18S)
XT60-EC3 Adapter

XT60-EC5 Adapter

NiMH Discharge (1~10S)

GENS ACE IMARS 3 RC Battery Charger and accessories

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