The Best LiPo Batteries for Large Multirotors

Large Multirotor UAV

You may be familiar with drones being used in filming for movies and music videos or in taking pictures for the social influencer.

Drones have also played a large role in major natural disasters.  Just to name a couple uses, they have been used to restore power to areas wrought by hurricanes and floods and to collect data for firefighters to better and more safely respond to large fires.

With the numerous applications of these aircraft, it is no surprise that there is a wide range of options from hexacopters to octocopters and other multi-rotors available.

In order to support a drone in its take-off and smooth flying, one of the most important parts is the battery.  Users must choose a battery that is reliable enough for their drones to fly continuously for a long period of time.

It is thus all the more vital to understand more about the batteries that outfit drones and how to choose the right ones for your own aircraft.

Lithium-Ion Polymer for drones

At present, Lithium-ion Polymer batteries, or LiPo batteries for short, are fast becoming the preferred power source for drones.

It is no surprise to see since they carry a lower internal resistance than other batteries; Grepow’s large LiPo cells can have an internal resistance as low as 0.7-0.9 mΩ, which greatly reduces the battery’s self-consumption.

With their high discharge and low internal resistance, LiPo batteries are the most promising alternative to Nickel Hydride batteries.  They can also be developed to provide a higher capacity cell count for larger multi-rotors.

Fixed-wing agricultural drones

Choose the right specs

So, what kind of LiPo should you choose?  Well, you first need to check if the capacity is suitable for your drone.  There are many components to your aircraft, such as the propulsion systems, processors, and sensors, that affect the appropriate voltage and load requirements as well.  You should definitely check that the capacity (how much charge the battery can hold) and the discharge rate (how much current can be released from the battery at one time) is enough.

Another recommendation is to choose a smart battery.  A smart battery is equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System) that can monitor and maintain many aspects of your battery.

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Choose a brand from a professional battery manufacturer

When choosing the appropriate LiPo battery for your drone, you should definitely consider a good battery brand that can deliver in its experience of providing better flights to its customers.  You want a brand that you can trust and one that you know has a professional team behind your power source.

Tattu is one of these brands as Grepow has more than 24 years of experience.  With multiple factories in China and 180+ engineers, Grepow is constantly working to improve its products to have them meet the demands of the market.

Drones also typically require custom-made drone batteries, and this makes it difficult for pilots to find spare batteries.  Grepow has excellent services for battery customization. If you need a battery that requires a high voltage (3.85V per cell) or high energy density (260wh/kg), Grepow is your go-to manufacturer.

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The best drone batteries don’t need to charge quickly

Fliers like to charge their batteries quickly, but in the long run, quick charging can easily damage the life of the batteries.  Users should not search for batteries with the criteria of fast charging as this does not equate better performance.

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