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Which Is Better For TWS Earphones, Steel Shell Button Cell vs Soft Pack?

Which Is Better For TWS Earphones, Steel Shell Button Cell vs Soft Pack?

Editorial:Philina Issue Date:2022-05-26 Views:2940

In the more intelligent development, TWS major manufacturers have never stopped, more research and development, citing new technologies, creating differentiation, and developing new tracks. The more mature the technology supply chain gets, the faster updates and iterations of the TWS earphones become. The same to the battery manufacturers never stop.

To help the development of the smart wear market, many battery manufacturers have launched a soft pack lithium battery, soft-pack shaped battery, soft pack button battery, steel case button battery and other power solutions for smart wearable devices. As a typical representative of the rapid growth of smart wearable devices -TWS wireless headphones, its battery solutions have been developed in two directions, respectively, steel-case button batteries and soft-pack button batteries. We know that Varta has a leading global position in the steel-case button battery patent, which led many TWS headset battery manufacturers to bypass the button battery. There is a considerable part of  TWS headset battery manufacturers expect the occupation of the fast-growing TWS headset market by way of the soft pack button batteries. For this reason, triggering many questions in the circle, in the end, who can really stand out between steel-shell button cell and soft pack button cell in the field of batteries for TWS headphones industry?

Different brands of TWS earphones

Different brands of TWS earphones

Steel shell button cell and soft pack button battery pros and cons comparison

A. Steel-cased Button Cell Advantages

1.Good size consistency, no need to deliberately set aside space for expansion.

2. Product assembly cavity consistency in the center of the distribution, FR and ANC curve consistency, for the manufacturing yield is guaranteed.
3. Steel-cased button cell will not expand when being used, and the application performance will not change over time; besides, it is a particularly noteworthy issue is that TWS headphone's built-in parameters in the design are a reference to the battery expansion before the volume of the sound cavity design, especially noise-canceling products, the factory may be adjusted to the best-performing state.

Grepow Button cell of higher energy density(1)(1).jpg

Grepow Button Cell Batteries

Soft pack button cell when being used will somewhat expand which leads to changes in the sound cavity space and the gradually following performance, which can only be a two-choice process, the choice of battery expansion before or after expansion to do noise reduction standardization.

B. The soft pack button cell advantages

Soft pack button cell product price advantage is undeniable, and for the time being, there is no patent risk. From these 2 aspects, the soft pack button cell in the pursuit of the ultimate price of TWS wireless headset products is an inevitable choice.

C. The disadvantages of soft pack coin cell batteries
soft-pack button cells

Soft-pack Button Cells

1. Irregular size, product design needs to set aside at least 10% expansion space, resulting in a waste of space.

2. In the assembly process is prone to aluminum-plastic film bump marks, easy to lead to dropsy leakage in the process of use.

3. Because of the large difference in apparent size, the assembly consistency is not easy to control, resulting in the headset's individual sound cavity space of different sizes, the product acoustic FR curve fluctuating greatly, and the range of mass production control becomes large. If customers have L/R curve matching requirements, the yield is affected.

4. If there is ANC function, the inconsistent size of a sound cavity will lead to a lower yield of ANC.

5. In the process of product production and assembly, the unavoidable probability will cause the battery to be squeezed, resulting in the positive and negative pole coating being stressed or damaged.

6. The use of soft pack button battery charging and discharging in the process of battery expansion, expansion leads to changes in the volume of the sound cavity and the design, the design parameters and the actual state of deviation, and the proportion of different products expansion also differs, will lead to changes in the transmission function and ANC function, which is also the reason why some headphones on the market with the use of time product function becomes worse.

7. In the assembly process caused by the pole piece damage or stress phenomenon, will lead to a rapid decline in battery performance with the increase in the number of consumer use, the battery life becomes shorter.


When the headphone manufacturers consider the cost of the battery, consumers care about the sound quality of the headset products, range time, appearance, and other overall sense of experience. The above advantages and disadvantages of steel-cased button cell and soft pack button cell comparison, in addition to the battery structure,  the combination of the battery application in the acoustic function of the headset structure for comparison. Overall, the steel-cased button cell is more suitable as the preferred source of power supply for higher quality and smarter TWS wireless headphones. Grepow as one of the rechargeable button battery manufacturers, the company through continuous upgrading and iteration of technology, the formation of the core technology of the patent group, to achieve the production capacity and process of supporting the upgrade, the continuous launch of high-performance GRP1254, GRP1054 new rechargeable button battery to help the development of audio, smart wear market!

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