Skiing Champion Eileen Gu enjoys music with earbuds at the Winter Olympics 2022

Eileen Gu at the Winter Olympics 2022

As of February 18 (BJT), Chinese athlete Eileen Gu won two gold and one silver, a perfect finish at the Olympic Winter Games (OWG) Beijing 2022. Earbuds, one of the electronic products she used on the playing field, got the attention of fans. So what is this pair of earbuds like?

Beats and Anta clothing in the ice and snow gift box
One of the wearable electronic products Eileen used

On February 8, Eileen Gu, known as the “talented girl”, won the gold medal in the women’s freestyle skiing final, causing the country to boil over. Instantly the news of Eileen Gu winning the championship soared all the way up the hot search list, and the popular news of Eileen Gu could be seen on all major media platforms. Eileen Gu is hot and more famous!

Chinese athlete Eileen Gu won two golds and one silver. a perfect finish at the Winter Olympics Beijing 2022
Eileen Gu and her achievement at the Winter Olympics Beijing 2022

After winning her first gold medal at the Winter Olympics, she became famous all over the world in one fell swoop! With the heat of Eileen Gu’s fame, her business value has also skyrocketed. There are many netizens who reported that Eileen Gu had endorsed over 20 brands. It is worth noting that one of the brands that Eileen Gu endorses is the high-end audio brand Beats earbuds.

Eileen Gu enjoys music with Beats Fit Pro earbuds
Eileen Gu enjoys music with Beats Fit Pro earbuds

And during the Winter Olympics, Anta together with Beats and Eileen Gu launched a three-party co-branded limited Ice and Snow Gift Boxes.

the ice and snow gift
the Ice and Snow Gift Box

The gift box has the same professional ski gloves, cold thunderbolt hat, Beats Fit Pro earbuds, and Chongli Yunding ski resort three-dimensional statue. It is reported that this ice and snow gift box will be officially on the shelves in the near future for sale.

The appearance design

In terms of the appearance design, Beats Fit Pro is a summary of the previous two generations, integrating the needs of daily and sports and fitness scenarios, and providing a comfortable and solid wearing effect that meets more people through snug and comfortable body curve design with a flexible and flexible ear wing structure.

Beats Fit Pro earbuds
the appearance of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds

The function configuration

As for the function configuration, Beats Fit Pro is equipped with a custom acoustic platform, Apple H1 chip, skin recognition optical sensor, gyroscope, and an acceleration sensor, which achieve three listening modes—active noise cancellation, transparent mode, and adaptive equalization. Besides, dynamic head tracking spatial audio is available for a better experience.

The batteries of Beats Fit Pro earbuds

Besides upgrades in accessories and more functions, the continuity of power is another aspect that users are particularly concerned about.  A good wireless headphone brand requires higher battery quality.

the structure disassembly of the Beats Fit Pro and battery compartment
the structure disassembly of the Beats Fit Pro and battery compartment

What’s more about the battery life? Beats Fit Pro earbuds selected a rechargeable lipo (lithium polymer)button-cell battery as the in-built power supply, and the pouch cell square lipo battery to supply the power bin. Each earbud has a 6-hour listening time while the power bin is of 18 hours. Therefore, Beats Fit Pro can provide up to 24 hours of playback time when equipped with a pocket-sized charging case.

Grepow wearable batteries and Button Cell battery

The use-time duration problem of the TWS headphones has been plagued by the majority of smart wearables manufacturers. Grepow as one of the well-known smart wearable device battery manufacturers has been committed to the research, development and production of smart wearable batteries. For higher utilization of the remaining space in the charging compartment and longer use of the TWS headphones, Grepow developed wearable shaped batteries and GRP1254, GRP1054 the rechargeable TWS headphone lithium polymer (lipo) batteries.

At present, the types of wearable batteries produced by Grepow are button battery and shaped batteries ( ultra-thin battery, ultra-thin battery, round lithium battery, triangle battery, hexagonal battery, ultra-narrow battery, C-shaped battery, D-shaped battery, polygon battery).

Grepow wearable batteries are widely used in various consumer electronic products such as headsets, smartwatches, smart wristbands, smart rings, fitness trackers, smart clothing (heating clothes, heating gloves, smart shoes), health tracking headbands, electronic body temperature stickers, and other major fields.

Grepow earbud battery
Grepow earbud battery

At the same time, the wireless headphone battery manufactured by Grepow is lighter, safer, and more powerful; it can also support customization of the shapes and sizes, providing you with high-quality, mature wireless headset lipo battery solutions, injecting unlimited energy into a limited space!

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