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How to preserve iphone battery lifespan with L shape battery?

How to preserve iphone battery lifespan with L shape battery?

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What is an  L-shaped battery?

An L-shaped battery is a battery that had been designed in a way that the final product takes the shape of the letter ‘L’. L-shaped batteries are becoming a trendy phenomenon with the unveiling of Apple's innovatively engineered latest flagship smartphones; iPhone XS Max and iPhone X. While the electronics that underpin these innovations provide the users of the iPhones with stimulating experiences, they require adequate energy to keep the smartphones humming. Indeed, smartphones are rapidly decreasing in size and manufacturers are cracking their heads to explore ways to pack the extra spaces in the devices with additional components. It is this extra space beneath iPhones that have provided insights to design-thinkers on how to make use of those spaces by filling them up with useful stuff to augment what has been available to power smartphones. Batteries, which are typically the largest components in an iPhone are a particular eyesore to manufacturers who are constrained technologically to design them in rectangular shapes. An  L-shaped battery is designed to bring together two rectangular battery designs.

The Design-Thinking Behind an  L-shaped battery

The thinking behind an L-shaped battery can best be explained by having a room that has space that is not utilized and taking advantage of the resource to bring in extra household equipment that will enhance the marginal utility that you derive from the room without having to renovate the room to make it bigger. Indeed, with the miniaturization of many systems in the world, any device engineering that maximizes the use of the available spaces in a system so as to increase the system’s contribution to net well-being is very welcome. The L-shaped battery does just that. It enhances the marginal utility that one can derive from a smartphone without introducing improvements that alter the visible structure and look of the smartphone. iPhone users can now enjoy uninterrupted use of their L-shaped battery-powered smartphones because the batteries power the iPhones for longer periods of time compared to the time the conventional rectangular-shaped iPhone batteries. phone battery design

Why You Should Consider Using an  L-shaped battery

Having an iPhone that is running on an L-shaped battery guarantees you a bigger battery size without increasing the size of your iPhone. This is incredible because you will not have to keep worrying about a system shutdown due to a battery charge. Have you ever been in the middle of nowhere and your iPhone suddenly alerts you that you should turn off some of its applications so as to stop the device from shutting? Have you also ever missed meeting an important social or business contact just because your iPhone went shut down just when you wanted to locate where the contact was waiting to meet you? These are some of the experiences that adopting the use of an L-shaped battery helps to cure. Increasing the battery size also means that the charging speed of these batteries also accelerates. So every time you put the iPhone on recharging, it will recharge faster than the rectangular battery. Have you ever been in a situation where you just had a few minutes to leave a place where you had requested someone to briefly recharge your iPhone for you so that you can keep it on and avoid being unable to be reached as you move from that location to another? If you had an L-shaped battery then, it could have charged faster and enabled you to have enough recharge in your iPhone’s battery to keep you connected. iphone battery struct The number of cycles between your iPhone battery’s charge and charge depletion or utilization determines how long the battery lasts or lifetime. The more and frequent these cycles are the faster you will need the battery replaced. This means that you are better off with a battery that has a bigger capacity because the frequency of charging and discharging it will not be as much as that with a rectangular battery. This implies that you risk spending more to maintain your iPhone and your behaviors associated with it if you choose to keep using rectangular iPhone batteries. They will keep requiring you to replace them, which will cost you an arm and a leg, because of the reasons mentioned above.

The Developments in the Design of an  L-shaped battery

Early innovators of the design-thinking that resulted in the L-shaped battery placed two rectangular lithium-ion batteries perpendicular to each other in a shape that formed the letter ‘L’. This approach to increasing available power to smart phones is in fact very rampant in battery replacements that are outsourced to third-party manufacturers. Apple’s clever engineering in iPhone XS dismantles this approach of placing two rectangular batteries in a smartphone to increase the battery capacity. It has a single, continuous L-shaped battery. L-shaped battery developments were first hinted at in 2017, when, In a note address to investors, Ming-Chi Kuo opened a lid on his belief that Apple was working with Korean company LGC on an  L-shaped battery design. Kuo observed that if Apple and LGC worked out manufacturing hurdles in time for mass production, the next generation of 5.8-inch OLED iPhone would be powered by a battery of between 2,900mAh to 3,000mAh battery. He also observed that a larger 6.5-inch OLED model was anticipated to employ a two-cell design that had 3,300mAh and 3,400mAh between the two cells, which was great news because, by comparison, the dual-cell unit in iPhone X was rated at 2,716mAh. [caption id="attachment_4148" align="aligncenter" width="605"]GREPOW L shaped batteries GREPOW L shaped batteries[/caption] While concerns were rife in relation to the cost factor in manufacturing L-shaped batteries, manufacturers began to prepare the rate of rigid-flex printed circuit boards as larger battery capacities require a bigger cell area that calls for a bigger flex printed circuit board. Manufacturers of the L-shaped battery were anxious about how complicated their design was compared to the traditional rectangular design, which meant that the manufacture of L-shaped batteries would be expensive. Early Adopters of the  L-shaped battery Concept Despite the anxiety that the  L-shaped battery concept witnessed when it was initially mooted, a number of companies have been the concept’s early adopters, the concern about the cost of manufacturing it notwithstanding. These companies are Apple and its special shaped battery, and Grepow battery manufacturer, Korean company LGC, and Samsung. The technology is attracting keen attention from many iPhone consumers that are desire their iPhone battery lives to be optimized so that they can enjoy an uninterrupted experience with their iPhones. Do not be Left Behind in the  L-shaped battery Adoption Rush A missed business or social hook-up opportunity because of lack of charge in your iPhone battery that made it difficult for you to be offline is one too many to make you comfortable. You can decide to increase the energy capacity in your iPhone without having the device’s size tampered with or having to carry power banks that increase excess baggage for you. That space in your iPhone is an idle resource that you carry around with you everywhere you go and you can decide to turn it into an extra energy location for your iPhone. All you need to do is to look around for a partner that can help you increase the capacity of your iPhone’s battery so that you can have power for longer periods of time and you can charge the battery at a faster rate. The battery life of your battery will also be enhanced because you will have relatively fewer battery charge-discharge cycles and you will not need to raid your wallet to replace your iPhone battery as you have been doing or as your friends have been doing. Grepow battery manufacturer can help you in this journey toward adopting the use of L-shaped batteries.  Grepow L Shaped Battery iPhone replacement battery Grepow  L-shaped battery Manufacturer Grepow battery manufacturer has been manufacturing state-of-the-art batteries for over 20 years. The company has invested substantially in the research and development of its specially shaped batteries. This is inspired by the company’s inclination to novel battery ideas that put the customer first. The company has pioneered the way in the development of different shapes of batteries, including L-shaped batteries. It supplies these products to over 500 companies in the world. You can be part of the early adopters by hitting them on info@grepow.com Click here to learn more about  L-shaped batteries.

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