Lithium Battery Customization Tips You Should Know

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How to customize the lithium battery pack, what should be paid attention to when customizing the lithium battery? Lithium battery packs are becoming more and more refined in different fields, such as consumer lithium batteries, industrial lithium batteries, communication lithium batteries, power lithium batteries, and energy storage lithium batteries. The needs of the product are different, so the performance of the corresponding lithium battery will also be very different. What are the precautions for the need for a custom lithium battery pack?

Custom lithium battery pack time cycle

We can provide a quick sample service. The entire cycle of custom lithium battery pack process is usually within 15 working days.

The first day: Evaluate and discuss the requirements of the customer, and then make a quotation for the sample. After both parties have negotiated the price, they will customize the product.
The second day: the selection of the product cell and the design of the circuit structure.
Day Three: Samples will be made long after the design is complete.
Day 4: Initial test and debugging of functions are completed.
Day 5: Perform the electrical performance and cycle aging test verification of the lithium battery pack.
Day 6: Packaging for safety test and launch. The whole process of lithium battery is completed in 15 minutes.

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Custom parameters for lithium battery customization

1. Make sure the input and output ports of the lithium battery are somehow.

2. It is necessary to confirm the IP protection level of the lithium battery pack and the fixing method of the battery pack, and also consider how to install the lithium battery pack, which will have a great effect on the design of the lithium battery.

3. The size of the space for the lithium battery. This will affect the capacity of the supporting lithium battery pack. It is best to communicate with the lithium battery manufacturer before ordering the lithium battery, so as not to cause a great difference between the ideal and reality. The situation occurred.

4. What needs to be known in advance is the life expectancy of customized lithium batteries. The life of iron lithium batteries is generally 2,000 cycles.

5. You need to know how long the device will continue to work because it will determine the capacity of the lithium battery pack that needs to be ordered.

GREPOW stacking technology

6. For devices with similar motors, when supporting lithium batteries, you need to know the instantaneous maximum power when starting these inductive loads.

7. Because the voltage of the lithium battery pack is not a fixed value and has a wide range, it is necessary to ensure that the device can withstand the corresponding voltage value.

8. Determine the size and shape of the battery, so that lithium battery manufacturers can reduce the scope when developing and designing.  Grepow lithium polymer batteries can be designed and manufactured in a variety of shapes depending on the device, including round batteries, curved batteries, ultra-thin batteries and so on. If you ask, I will give you what you want!

Lithium battery customization

1) Custom-made mass-produced products for lithium battery packs are independently developed and designed for different products, so during the customization process, certain costs need to be paid (generally involving mold opening costs, development costs, and product proofing cost Wait).

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2) R & D time: The length of the R & D time is directly related to the new time on the product. The general R & D time for custom lithium battery packs is about 30 days, and the fast R & D channel is implemented. Generally, the proofing time of products that do not require mold opening can be reduced to 15 days.

As an emerging industry, lithium batteries have developed rapidly in the past two years, and more and more companies have applied lithium battery packs to their products. A custom lithium battery pack came into being in this environment. Group, customized solutions for lithium battery UPS, dedicated to providing users with customized solutions and products for competitive lithium batteries.

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