A revolutionary breakthrough in lithium batteries by Singapore scientists: 95% recovery in 10 hours

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Recently, Apple has made a lot of noise about the old iPhone’s frequency reduction, but it also reflects the stagnation of lithium battery technology in recent years. Although from time to time we can see some reports of revolutionary breakthroughs in battery technology, we haven’t heard which one has been put into commercial use.

Now, researchers at Singapore’s Nanyang University of Technology (NTU) have introduced a new battery technology, not to improve the battery structure and enhance battery density, but to use old batteries, claiming that lithium-ion batteries can be restored to 95% of their capacity in 10 hours, which is equivalent to “Rejuvenating”.

Specifically, the new technology is to add a third electrode between the two existing electrodes in each li-ion battery, thereby discharging the remaining lithium ions from one pole to the other, removing the “impurities” that affect the performance of the battery.

Because of the limitation of natural attributes, the longer the lithium battery is used, the more obvious the loss of capacity will be. Generally, after 300-500 cycles of charging and discharging, it will lose 15-20% of capacity, which can not be reversed.

But Professor NTU Rachid Yazami said his invention could quickly rejuvenate old lithium-ion batteries and restore capacity on the same batteries every few years, which would not only prolong battery life but also benefit the environment.

The invention has been tested on smartphones, but it is even more significant for the change in the electric car industry, as the average person may change a cell phone for two years, but the car will last for more than a decade.

It is reported that Apple, Samsung, and Panasonic are all interested in the invention.

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