Lipo Battery for Drone: Introduction, Choice And Safety

Lipo Battery for drone

Talking about the batteries for drones let’s have a glance at what drones are and when they were first introduced. Drones were introduced by the military in the mid-1980s for monitoring persons of their interest.

This Unnamed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is controlled remotely for several purposes. These Aerial vehicles are mostly used by the military for surveillance purposes. After gaining popularity publicly this technology was widely used in the video production industry. In recent years this technology has become a vital part of the making of several Hollywood movies.

Drones are Aerial robots powered by batteries used to film and take photos. This remote-controlled device is lightweight and requires all its components to be highly efficient and light in weight. The reason for requiring everything to be light in weight is obvious that they need to fly and if the weight is not balanced then they won’t be able to fly for longer periods and will hence lose their popularity because of not serving their purpose.

Drones and every other mobile electrically powered appliance today require a battery for powering itself. Due to this much need, these batteries have also gained popularity in recent years and have evolved very much also. Back in time when the first battery was introduced until today this technology has developed largely meeting the requirements of all the remote electrically powered appliances.

Today we have a different kind of battery for different appliances like there are different types of batteries powering our small toys and there are big and powerful batteries used in laptops and mobiles and even powerful ones are used in electrical vehicles. Every device has its requirements regarding these batteries, and drones require their battery to be small, compact and highly powerful.

tattu 30C 6S drone lipo battery

Why Are LI-PO Batteries Used In Drones?

The batteries that most popular for drones are the LiPO batteries or Lithium Polymer batteries. These rechargeable batteries have taken the RC word to the next level. All the RC planes, helicopters and drones. The following are the reasons why these batteries are best for drones.

1.They are compact and lightweight and can be made in any shape or size depending on the type of drone it is being designed for.

2.These batteries have high capacities i.e. they hold a large amount of energy in a small and compact package.

3. They are pretty good at maintaining a constant power output when discharging.

4. The rate of voltage drops when they reach a fully discharge rate is fast and can become damaging for the battery.

5. For powering the most demanding remote-controlled aircrafts LIPO batteries have the highest discharge rates. Because they also have high charge rates, so charging in an hour is also possible.

6. These batteries have no memory effect compared to other versions like the NiCad or the NiMh batteries

How Do You Choose The Best LI-PO Battery For Drone?

Vloggers and photographers now publically use drones for their professional purposes. In the commercial market, these drones are becoming a necessary factor for the filmmakers and have brought a new hype in Hollywood movie-making.

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These drones require the best battery that is lightweight and can give good charging and discharging times. Due to these factors, Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are the best choice for these drones. Using the polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid one and being rechargeable. So, choosing the right Li-Po battery you will have to keep the following factors in mind.

1. The first thing to keep into consideration while choosing a battery is how much current your drone can draw Like the current drawn from the motor also from other components.

2. The second important to consider is the battery size. The perfect battery size is essential for having long and balanced flights. Prefer the battery with the smallest size and high energy so it can serve your drone for a longer time. The physical size and weight of the battery should be compatible with your drone.

3. The next thing to be kept in mind is the voltage. The batteries with high voltages have more weight too. The battery with 22 volts and other with 7 volts will have a clear difference in physical dimensions and weights also. However, you would have to make the correct decision regarding the voltage by looking at the motors and other electronic components should support the voltage of your chosen battery.

4. The other important perimeter of a lithium polymer battery is the C-rating or the discharge rating. The C-rating is the performance indicator of the battery. The battery with maximum C-rating is a good choice for your drones.

5. Make sure to choose the battery with the highest capacity for longer flight times.

How Do You Use Your LI-PO Battery For Drone Safely?

Today lithium batteries are used in almost all the devices but we do not think about the battery that much as we do not have much control over them. The following things should be avoided for keeping your Li-Po battery safe.

1.Your battery having multiple cells should have a balance charge all the time.

2.Never discharge your Li-Po battery to 0%. It can harm your battery pretty much.

3.A low voltage cut-off of 3.4V per cell is best for your Li-Po.

4.A fully charged battery that is not in use starts cell degradation and this will swell your battery or puff it.

5.Always storage charges your battery when you are putting it away even for a day.

Always let your Li-Po batteries cool down. After use let the batter cool down before charging it again and after using it store it in a cool and dry place.

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