How to choose the best battery for my drone?

How to choose the best battery for my drone? | Grepow Blog

Batteries are an extremely important component of drones: after all, without them, drones wouldn’t be operable. For that reason, we will explore some aspects of a battery that you should consider for your drone.

Tips for choosing drone batteries


Battery size is the first point you need to consider because the size is often related to capacity. Usually, the larger the battery, the more capacity stored and the longer it can fly. However, a battery that is too large will add to the overall weight of the drone, thus reducing flight time and affecting the flight experience.

Therefore, you need to choose the capacity while keeping the maximum takeoff weight of the drone.


Battery voltage is also known as the cell count: it is proportional to the power produced by the motor. It will help your drone motors in having more power, but, at the same time, the weight will be heavier with the increased number of cells.

The nominal voltage of a normal LiPo battery is 3.7V. The voltage of the battery pack can be increased by connecting the batteries in series. The number of cells used in a LiPo pack is shown by a number followed by the letter ‘S’. For example, a 2S battery has 2 cells wired together in series to create a 7.4v battery.

To find the best voltage for your drone, check the motor thrust data. You can determine the number of batteries required based on the data. Before making a decision, check with the manufacturer whether the motor supports a specific battery number and voltage range.


The connector is also an important part of the drone battery. Not only do they allow you to easily replace the battery, but they can also help when you decide to make a new drone. There are many types of connectors, so make sure that the one you select is fully compatible with your drone.

Discharge Rate

The discharge rate is the C-rating of the battery: this rating helps you in identifying the maximum current that your battery can safely discharge. A higher C rating means that you will use less throttle input to hover and more current intensity to the motor at full throttle, making your drone faster and powerful.

To ensure your drone can maximize its functions, check the motor’s specification and assess the maximum current received using the following formula:

Maximum Continuous Amp Draw = Battery Capacity * Discharge rate.

For example, a 10C – 2,000mAh battery will safely discharge at 20,000mAh

10 * 2000 = 20,000 mA


Choosing a reliable brand can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle. There are many brands of batteries available in the market, but they vary in quality and performance. Poor quality batteries will reduce the overall performance of your drone.

Grepow, one of the top UAV battery manufacturers, is a great place for you to look.  Its Tattu batteries have passed the UN 38.3 battery test, the highest quality standard test for lithium polymer batteries, and their reliability and reputation can provide you with a wonderful flying experience.

For more information on batteries, stay tuned to our blog or our Battery Monday channel, Tattu YouTube channel.

If you are interested in our products, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!


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