How to Charge a Bluetooth Headset Correctly?

bluetooth headset battery

I believe that many driver friends have such troubles, it is not convenient to answer the phone when driving. The advent of Bluetooth headsets solves this problem very well. Let’s get rid of the annoying wires and talk freely and easily in various ways. Then we need a Bluetooth headset battery with enough life.

So how does a Bluetooth headset charge? Can you overcharge a blue headset? Speaking of this problem, a friend may be thinking, is it not easy to charge a Bluetooth headset? Just plug it in and turn on the power. In fact, Bluetooth headset charging is still very tricky, the correct charging method can maintain the life of Bluetooth. Next, I will introduce the Bluetooth headset charging method for everyone.

How to charge Bluetooth headset?

1. Use a suitable charger

Generally, Bluetooth headsets have dedicated chargers. If you do n’t have a dedicated charger, you can find the same charging interface (some with a small mouth and a round hole, and some with the MiniUSB universal interface) and the same charger with the same rated output power.

2. Insert all the plugs when charging

It doesn’t just insert more than half, it will damage the machine for a long time. When plugging and unplugging the charging plug, it should be lighter, otherwise, the plug will become loose for a long time.

bluetooth headset battery

3. Charge on the base or charging box

If the Bluetooth headset is plugged into the base or charging box for charging, it will take longer to charge than charging the Bluetooth headset directly. The charging method is the same as charging the headset directly. Just plug the charging cable into the hole of the base.

4. Charge your Bluetooth headset

When charging, the red indicator light is on, indicating that charging is in progress. If charging is complete, the indicator light will turn blue, and you can remove the charger at this time.

5. Don’t use the headset when charging

When charging the Bluetooth headset, try not to use the headset again to avoid accidental damage.

How long does the Bluetooth headset charge?

The Bluetooth headset battery is not fully charged when it leaves the factory. In order to fully activate the battery, the first three charges are 6-8 hours. You can charge it for 2-3 hours each time. When charging, it is usually a red indicator light. When the light is off, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Bluetooth headset battery

To achieve the longest battery life of a Bluetooth headset, you must master the correct method of charging the Bluetooth headset, that is, only when the Bluetooth headset battery is low. Generally, the number of charging times of a Bluetooth headset battery is about 500 times. That is, the normal service life is about 2 years. The normal standby time is 2-4 days when fully charged. Normal use is 1-3 days when there is a phone. Many phones will be relatively short.

How to maintain Bluetooth headset life?

Charging time of a single-ear Bluetooth headset

The charging time of a single-ear Bluetooth headset is generally not more than 3 hours. This is the best charging time. It is also best not to exceed 4 hours for a two-ear Bluetooth headset. Everyone also knows that the lithium battery inside the Bluetooth headset is small in size, and the charging time is not useful. Unlike our mobile phone battery, it can extend the charging time. A better and more accurate explanation should be said, as long as the charging indicator of the Bluetooth headset does not blink, when the charging is full, then we do not need to charge it again, just unplug the power.

Bluetooth headset battery life

The Bluetooth headset is also an electronic product. The built-in battery has a battery life. Generally, the number of charging cycles of the Bluetooth headset battery is 300 ~ 500. The more charging times, the smaller the battery’s ability to continue. Characteristics, so the battery life will be getting worse and worse, and some low-end Bluetooth headsets use very poor batteries, the actual number of cycles less than 100 times will be broken.

The above introduces the charging method of Bluetooth headset, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about the Bluetooth headset battery knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the GREPOW website. More exciting content will be presented to everyone later.

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