How Long Does the Battery on a Smartwatch Last?

With the development of smartwatches, people are increasingly using smart products, so the development of smartwatches is becoming more and more prosperous. Although smartwatches have the power of many traditional watches, it also has a huge weakness, which is smartwatch battery life.

Smartwatch battery life problem

The smartwatches sold in the market have different tolerances in terms of battery life, and the length is 5-7 days and the hours are short. For Smartwatches, even for up to 5-7 days, it is still difficult to meet the needs of ordinary users. After all, Smartwatches first exist as watches.

Since 2013, lithium-ion polymer batteries have gradually replaced ordinary liquid lithium batteries. Since then, the energy density of smartphones has made a huge leap. In 2013-2014, many smartphone manufacturers began to build internal batteries, and the operating voltage of smartphone batteries began to increase from 3.7V to 3.8V. Smartphone battery specific capacity (also known as gram capacity, refers to the amount of electricity per gram of battery) ) reached a peak again.

Even so, the battery life of the smartphone has also encountered a “stay”. In the face of the high power consumption of today’s smartphones, lithium batteries have become a bit “incapable”.

Of course, smartphone manufacturers are also constantly looking for new ways to improve battery life, expand battery capacity, charge through external power sources, and even hope to significantly improve battery life by replacing fuel cells and bio-batteries with new battery technologies.


Under the nurturing of intelligent manufacturers, users who use smartphones have become accustomed to “one day a charge” or even “more than one day.” However, Smartwatches cannot be treated in the same way. Not to mention the tedious “one-day charge”. If it is a user of a Smartwatch, who would like to charge it with an external power supply every day? How to make consumers more convenient to use is a problem that Smartwatch manufacturers must solve.

Smartwatch function

The current smartwatch battery capacity on the market ranges from 300mAh to 500mAh. The size of the battery used in the watch is related to the size and structure of the watch itself and is affected by the watch system and functions. Can do it for a long time, and really use it, I feel that there is no electricity! Let’s take a look at the power consumption of this function of the Smartwatch! The following is calculated by the 500mAh Smartwatch battery:

Sports step

The Smartwatch’s main sports function, when other functions are not open, the step-by-step function is turned on all the time, from morning to night to sleep, in the case of normal exercise (according to 13000 steps), it can consume about 30% of the Smartwatch power, so Although the sports step is the main function, it is not the most power-hungry.

Smartwatch's main sports function

Connect mobile phone Bluetooth

Many Smartwatches can match the mobile phone’s Bluetooth before using the APP for message push. The Bluetooth call function, if there are few messages pushed, can see that the basic power consumption is very small, but if you are a chat enthusiast, there is a lot of news all day long. In particular, when Bluetooth is connected to the phone, the power consumption of the Smartwatch is gradually increasing.

Heart rate monitoring

Occasionally measure the heart rate, you can ignore the power consumption. Some Smartwatches have a heart rate monitoring in real-time around the clock, so this is careful, the Smartwatch battery can be used up in a few hours, after all, the heart rate is dependent on the light, the continuous light and feedback, resulting in Smartwatches consume very much electricity Big.

GPS positioning

Smartwatch battery is absolutely killer, even on large-capacity mobile phones, we can see, let alone small watches. If the watch does not turn off the GPS, basically one hour, you need to charge. Therefore, the GPS intelligence of the watch is used as an auxiliary device and cannot always be kept open.

Elevation compass, etc.

These are always open and very power-hungry. Because of the constant measurement and acquisition of data, it is no doubt that heart rate real-time monitoring and GPS are the same.

Other accessibility features

Other auxiliary functions, the basic power consumption can be ignored.

Through the above, it can be polished. Basically, the culprit of Smartwatch power consumption is the more advanced functions of some mobile phones, but the functions of outdoor sports itself, but not counting power. So if it is purely for outdoor sports, then the Smartwatch function is as simple as possible. If you want to feel the highlights of the smart wear era, you can choose the Android watch, but also based on the sacrifice of power consumption.

smartwatch battery

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