How do I Improve Smartwatch Battery Life?


Smartwatches are meant to simplify our life. However, this convenience is dependent upon the battery performance of the device. So, it becomes a major reason for concern if the battery drains out at a faster rate and does not last even a day.

Improving your smartwatch battery is a smart move. Limit the functionality and above all the power-hungry display should be dimmed when in dark. Your battery life will surely see improvement.

If you are facing similar issues with the battery of smartwatch then read on to know about these hacks.

Adjust the Brightness

Just like in the smartphone, a bright screen of the smartwatch can eat away a substantial amount of the battery. And, since most of us don’t have to stay out for major part of the day, we can simply adjust the brightness of the smartwatch depending on the environment and see the difference in the battery life.

Change the Watch Face

Did you know that few watch faces consume more battery as compared to others? This is due to the fact that they have more information on the screen which leads to early discharge of the battery. To prevent a situation like this, just change your elaborate Smartwatch face and go for a simple one.

Hybrid smartwatches

The battery drains due to the screen being on. You could look t it less, to make the battery last a little longer. You can now buy hybrid smartwatches, which do not have screens. not having a screen means that the battery can last up to 6 months in some of these.

Smart Watch Battery

Switch on Power Save Mode

This is the first step to save the battery of the smartwatch. However, most of us forget to follow it. Simply switch on the Power Save Mode in your smartwatch and save unnecessary drainage of the battery.

Turn off the Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is one of the most useful and intuitive features in Loop that requires either a lift or tilt of the hand to wake up the Smart Watches. But usually, this gesture lights up the screen even when you don’t intend to look at it which ultimately drains the battery. So, in order to extend the battery life of  Smart Watches, switch off the motion sensor.

Turn off the Pedometer manually

Apart from keeping our life on track, the smartwatch also functions as a fitness band for us. And, keeping that in mind, we use its various health monitoring apps like a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sedentary reminder to name a few. However, out of these features, pedometer consumes the most amount of battery as every time we move, it starts functioning. So, to prolong smartwatch battery life, switch of the pedometer manually after the activity is done.

So, the next time you feel that the smartwatch battery is running out of juice then instead of taking off your watch to charge it in the middle of the day, simply use these tips and improve the battery life of smartwatch.

Customize smartwatch batteries for longer working time

Smartwatch is generally round in shape with a diameter between 42 to 45mm.  Although they are in round shape, most of them still use square-shape batteries which do not utilize the entire space of the watch they power. In contrast, customized shaped batteries created by Grepow better fit into the empty spaces in watches and also increase the maximum capacity available.

Low Temperature Shaped Battery

Furthermore, Grepow provides solutions for high discharge rates and high voltage cells, high energy density battery for the smartwatch. Low-temperature cells can also be manufactured so that they can work even at -40℃.

Grepow is ultimately a one-stop-shop for customization services.  Customers need only focus on the design of the product, and Grepow will provide the best solution for their specific battery systems.

If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!
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