Hearables Can Monitor Your Overall Health


Most of today’s motion tracking products, including Fitbit Surge, Apple Watch, etc., use wrist heart rate sensors to collect the user’s heart rate and calories burned. And some companies think that the wrist, we should track the data from the right side, more precisely the ear.

It can not only measure your breathing and heart rate, monitoring the blood oxygen saturation in the body, to provide quasi-real-time blood pressure readings, it can also be used as a pedometer, calculation of your daily fat consumption, measuring speed and intensity of exercise, keep track of your weight, body mass index, blood sugar, and your emotional state its inventor, said even than the device will wear the equipment on the more accurate, because it put on the ear, is closer to the temporal artery.

The wristband heart rate sensor relies on the LEDs inside the device to measure the flow of blood inside the blood vessels. The LED light reflects the arterial motion of each heartbeat, which is translated into fluctuations that eventually become the numbers you see on the device. However, the contact between the watch and the wrist is not motionless. When you lift a dumbbell or run, the contact surface between the LED and the blood vessel is constantly moving, resulting in uncertain and accurate measurement data. Only those very tight sports watches can avoid this situation.

This is not the case with the ears, the muscles and tendons of the wrist are always moving, the ears are made up of the chest tissue, and it is probably the most inactive body part. In addition, the inside of the ear is dark, and the artery here is close to the surface of the skin. According to information provided by Valencell, a major foreign sensor supplier put a sensor in the ear, the signal distribution is about a hundred times higher than the wrist.

The founder of a domestic sensor startup company also said that the ear should be inserted into the wrist for heart rate monitoring because the monitoring under exercise is difficult to solve, sweating during exercise, muscle distortion, sensor and wrist contact surface Displacement.

It is for this reason that from the initial Dash, to later Jabra, LG and SMS audio with Intel, they have launched smart headphones with built-in heart rate sensors, and even Apple has frequently transmitted patent documents to turn Earpods into sensor-filled devices.


Not just heart rate, the ear is also a good part of monitoring other body data, including body temperature, systemic circulation, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and even blood sugar, because its signal-to-noise ratio is better than the wrist.

Headphones with a blood oxygen sensor. By measuring the blood oxygen level and adding the heart rate, the athlete can judge whether he is performing the aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise. This is more accurate than using heart rate values ​​alone.

Moreover, unlike the wrist, if the head has a sensor, it can be used for balance, movement and rhythm tracking during walking, running, skiing, etc. In the future, these sensors can also be used to analyze the user’s model, some to observe whether your body is running when running, or to perform some somatosensory control, such as a nod call.

In terms of body temperature, although products that measure body temperature through the wrist are not common, many smart thermometer products are measured down through the arm. In fact, in the body parts (anal, forehead, under the arm, ear canal, mouth) that are suitable for measuring the body temperature of children, the underarm is the most inaccurate part, and the ear will be more accurate.

There is also an in-ear temperature monitoring device that helps women track pregnancy during continuous monitoring of body temperature.

In-ear headphones also need to be available in different sizes, and adults are okay, too small for kids. The ear is a good place to measure temperature, but it is not easy to achieve proper fixation. In addition, although the frequency of wearing headphones is very high, the watch, the bracelet, the user is even less likely to wear a Bluetooth headset 24 hours.

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We can understand these existing ones, but today, with all kinds of health data monitoring products in full bloom, it is obvious that some products can solve all the needs, and it is time to pay more attention to the ears.

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