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How to custom your special-shape battery-Curved LiPo

How to custom your special-shape battery-Curved LiPo

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Wearable devices are made to make our life more convenient and more suitable including functions like tracking people's health, virtual reality, sleep monitoring, GPS, and more. They are more and more common thanks to the development of the tech. Wearable electronic products have various requirements for the shape of the battery while the users unanimously require longer battery life. Up to now, it is believed that a lithium polymer battery (lipo) is the best choice for powering electronic wearable devices. Also, the tech of the battery is getting more advanced to achieve Higher-energy density and Wider working temperature. In this passage, we will look at some applications equipped with the curved lipo battery and a tool that especially helps you design the special-shape battery. Hope you custom your right battery successfully with the tool.

Applications using the curved battery:

The ones like Bluetooth headsets and AR/VR/MR headsets ramp up the fun for the consumers.

The ones like Bluetooth headsets and AR/VR/MR headsets ramp up the fun for the consumers.

 construction the jacket and the proshthetic hand

Others like heating clothing, prosthetic hands, smart rings, smart wristband, and IoT help people a lot with health care as well as higher work efficiency.

Features of the related applications

  1. Close to the body and the shape matches the curvature of the body including the neck, the wrist, the ankle, the finger, and so on;

  2. Rechargeable and safe;

  3. Lightweight and portable;

  4. Long endurance and low self-discharge;

  5. Flexible setting of battery usage according to the user's needs.

Battery models and size ranges

For different needs of powering and shapes, the radian, thickness, width, and length are to be customizable. And at the same time, the specification about the electrics vary from one another. Now, here will show you the appearance of the curved batteries.

Battery models 

Curved lipo battery GRP1507025

Curved lipo battery GRP1507025

The Curved lipo battery GRP1507025 has become one of the most popular sizes for smart rings.

Curved lipo battery GRP2514024

Curved lipo battery GRP2514024

The Curved lipo battery GRP2514024 has the right shape to suit the neck. With more and more experience, there are 26 spot models in our manufacturer so that you can choose the suitable battery more quickly and shorten the customization time of your creative products.

The size range of the Curved Shape:

custom the curved lipo battery you want according this picture

Leading picture to custom a curved lipo battery

Size Ranges of the Curved Shape


Thickness (T)



Width (W)



Inner arc length (L)



Radius (R)



Rounded corners(Ɵ)


The capacity range is 80~400mAh and the full voltage can be 4.2/4.3/4.4V which will be depended on your smart device. Such a custom battery solution is welcome and available here. Battery solutions of related devices are found in Grepow shaped Battery.Related battery solutions:

About Battery Workshop

Create the right shape

creat a new battery design

Semi-customize Battery from Battery Workshop

In Battery Workshop, not only the curved battery but also other shapes including the trapezoid shape are customizable. Just tell us what shape of lithium-ion batteries(almost lipo) you want.

What can you do in Battery Workshop?

  1. Semi-customize Batteries for you to select and fill in the required size.

  2. Draw a new ideal design of the battery with a painting tool.

  3. Upload your design draft with parameter sheet, photo, ppt, the text explains, or even hand draft to us. You can get a discussion with our engineers.

  4. Calculate the battery capacity by your ready size.

  Website: https://www.batteryworkshop.com/

General information about  Battery Workshop

Battery Workshop is an online battery customized tool and a battery capacity calculator developed by Grepow Ltd. for specially shaped batteries. We hope all of you, product managers, project managers, buyers, and engineers, through battery workshops, can easily find the most suitable battery for products, not only in size, shape but also capacity. You can also estimate battery capacity and duration time when the remaining space can be used, which makes it easier to conclude the battery life of the product with Battery Workshop. ps: If you upload your designed shape battery to us, our engineers would discuss it with you individually about the battery. Also, your documentation uploaded would be deleted after 30 days automatically.

The advantages of Grepow custom-shaped battery

  1. Self-manufacture and meet different certifications (e.g.OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, UL);

  2. More existing models to choose from;

  3. Custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf batteries;

  4. High-energy density but light in weight;

  5. Custom single battery cells or equipped with BMS to be smart and avoid over-discharge or overcharge.

  Grepow custom-shaped batteries which leave creativity and invention free of batteries have helped and witnessed the successful production and sales of products from the world's top 500 companies. As for the price, shipment, delivery time, or any other information you consider, please feel free to contact us and tell us the battery you are looking for.

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