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Latest Charging Tech Makes EVs Full Power Fast As Fuel Cars


May 11 news, according to CCTV financial reports, with the first quarter of this year, China's new energy vehicle ownership has accumulated more than 10 million units, while driving the rapid development of the charging industry.

Data show that from January to March this year, the incremental charging infrastructure was 492,000 units. Among them, the increment of public charging infrastructure rose 96.5% year-on-year, and the increment of charging facilities built with the car rose 538.6% year-on-year.

Currently in the field of DC fast charging, with the continuous development of technology, the charging market of electric vehicles will also be significantly shortened. It only takes about 10 minutes to fill a capacity of 100kWh electric car technology has matured and is gradually in the process of landing.

Fast charging tech is used in the Charging Point

According to XPENG (Xiaopeng)car engineers, the upcoming XPENG G9 uses 800V voltage and can do 5-15 minutes to charge to more than 90% of the power.

"The current most advanced technology, can do 600kW, in the battery allows such a high power charging, 5-10 minutes can be full of a car". Said a charging pile production company deputy chief engineer in Shenzhen.

In fact, more and more car companies have been "working" on the charging speed recently.

GAC last year released the 6C fast charging technology, can achieve 0% - 80% of the power charging time control in 8 minutes, the measured charging voltage reached 855.6V, charging power still reached 481kW, 4 minutes charging volume 35.1kWh.

Tesla is currently a large area of laying V3 super-charge, using water-cooled cooling design, the maximum charging power can reach 250kW, and reserved for 300kW peak, replenishment of energy for 5 minutes can make the vehicle to enhance the range of more than 120km.

Tesla EV Charging Point

Source: Internet

Considering that a fuel car refueling time is usually around 5 minutes, so with the continuous improvement of charging technology, the speed of charging of new energy vehicles in the future will also be on par with the refueling speed.

In addition to faster charging time, the country has also started the layout of 5G intelligent charging piles. Charging pile built-in 5G communication module, compared to 4G can improve 50 times the data transmission rate, through the collection of diverse user information, user behavior characteristics for accurate analysis, can optimize the user charging waiting time.

Fast charging points

Of course, at present, it is still quite ideal to realize 5-10 minutes to fully charge a new energy vehicle. In addition to the need for the corresponding charging pile to reach a certain technology, it also requires the vehicle's battery, voltage can meet the high-power charging conditions, and to achieve the battery preheating sufficient and other conditions.

But through the continuous shortening of the charging time, the future, the expansion of battery capacity to enhance the practice of range, as well as how to continue to improve the charging speed and charging network layout, is the solution to new energy vehicle range anxiety "optimal solution".

Source: from Hexun Auto Channel