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Wearable Battery

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Wearable Battery Solutions

Wearable Batteries

Wearable Battery Features

Grepow has been researching developing and manufacturing  batteries for more than 20 years. Grepow novel LiPo batteries of different shapes have been designed and manufactured to meet the demand for novel wearable smart electronics requiring high spatial utilization while offering high energy density. From our inception, we have been cooperating with many of the top 500 companies in the world. Some specific features:

1. High safety performance, no potential internal short circuit.

2. Any shape, according to the actual product application requirements.

3. Thickness: 0.5~8 mm; width: 6~50 mm.

4. Support high rate discharge, quick charging capacity.

5. Wide operating temperature: -50 ℃~50 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃.

6. Test samples will be completed in 7 days.

7. European and USA warehouse for easy supply.

Custom Wearable Battery Series

Grepow is ultimately a one-stop-shop for customization services. Customers need only focus on the design of the product, and Grepow will provide the best solution for your specific battery systems. Grepow wearable battery can be customized in various sizes, voltage, and capacities, etc.
Every shape is possible. We create Rectangle battery, round battery, ultra-thin battery, curved battery, triangle battery, hexagon battery, ultra narrow battery, C shape battery, D shape battery, polygonal batteryand many other shaped batteries. They are widely used in various smart wearable devices, GPS trackers, medical equipment, IoT devices, various other consumer electronics.
Whatever wearable battery you need, you can customize it here!

Wearable Batteries

Over 500 wearable batteries to choose from

Model No. Voltage (V) C-rate (C) Capacity (mAh) IR (mΩ) Weight (g) Shape Structure
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GRP3030027-G2A 4.2 15 140 ≤75 3.1±0.3 Round
Grepow round shaped battery
GRP3013020-X2A 4.2 40 37 ≤300 1.1±0.2 Rectangle
Grepow rectangle shaped battery
GRP0849049-12A 4.35 1 140 ≤150 3.6±0.3 Ultra-thin
Grepow ultra-thin battery
GRP2524038-T1A 4.35 10 185 ≤80 4.1±0.5 Curved
Grepow curved shaped battery
GRP2022020-11A 4.2 1 50 ≤350 1.2±0.2 Hexagon
Grepow Hexagon shaped battery
GRP3922032-11A 4.2 1 270 ≤100 4.9±1.0 U type
Grepow U shaped battery

Long Cycles Life

Generally, the wearable device's working current is within 0.5C, in this case, the Grepow wearable battery life could be 1000 cycles. After 1000 cycles, the capacity maintained over 80%. A typical wearable device has 500 cycles. After using the Grepow wearable battery, your device can last up to several years.

Grepow wearable battery life performance curve
Grepow wearable battery life performance curve

Fast Charging Capability

Grepow wearable batteries have adopted the stacking technology while applying Grepow's unique high power electrode formulation and manufacturing process, the batteries of fast charging and discharging at different rates can be designed. Grepow is the largest manufacturer for the Chinese high magnifying power lithium polymer battery, the fast charging is based on the high power cell, and it is also one of the Grepow's core technology. It has the following advantages:
  • 01
    Fast charging
    Grepow wearable batteries can be charged up to 3C or 5C, which is three times faster than the regular battery charging time.
  • 02
    Stable temperature
    During the fast charging process, the temperature will rise stably. The surface temperature of the battery will not exceed 65 degrees Celsius.
  • 03
    Long and durable
    After fast charging over 500 times, still remained up to 80% capacity.
  • 04
    Safe and reliable
    Corresponding to IEC, UL, PSE, UN38.3 and other lithium battery safety standards.


Smart Watch
In order to maximize the usage of internal space and battery’s capacity. Round shaped batteries are most suitable for round shaped smartwatches. Round or close to round shaped batteries are the best choice for smartwatches currently.
Smart Wristband
The use of curved batteries in smart bracelet makes it fit more closely to user’s wrist. It provides more comfortable wearing experiences. Please contact us for more information about bracelet battery.
To meet the various requirements in sizes of medical equipment, customized novel shaped batteries are the most ideal solution. It provides a large capacity for a long working hour.
Smart Watch
Grepow is able to provide curved batteries for VR/AR headsets, as well as narrow rectangular or trapezoid cells for industrial and smart glasses.  These batteries have a high energy density, and they are light and comfortable to wear.
Most batteries for Bluetooth headset are a rectangular shape, but most headphones are the round or oval shape. Grepow round or curved batteries can make the most of available internal space for wireless headphones. Better space utilization offers higher capacities for longer listening enjoyment.
Smart Watch
In order to maximize the usage of internal space and battery capacity. Polygonal battery are most suitable for any smart shoes. Trapezoidal or close to rectangle shaped batteries are the best choice for smart shoes currently
Most heating apparels use rectangular batteries. Grepow curved and other custom-shaped batteries can fit a variety of different apparel. Our curved cells have previously been used for heating gloves and the back of the collar for winter coats.
consumer electronics
Various Consumer Electronics
Custom shaped LiPO batteries can be made to fit your consumer electronic devices, such as charging case, smart glasesess, smart ring, electronic cigarette.