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VR/AR Smart Glasses Battery Solutions

Grepow is able to provide curved batteries for VR/AR headsets, as well as narrow rectangular or trapezoid cells for industrial and smart glasses. These batteries have a high energy density, and they are light in weight and comfortable to wear.

VR/AR headset battery and Smart Glasses Battery

Grepow VR/AR Smart Glasses Battery Advantages

OEM mass production, mature manufacturing process. Physical factory supply, quality assurance, and after-sales service.

High energy density, high output power, high capacity, and lightweight.

High battery consistency, is conducive to series and parallel combination processing; can be combined according to different requirements.

Meet ROHS, SGS, CE, UL and other testing requirements.

Battery assembly method requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, custom size! Such as shaped, voltage, capacity, etc..

Can provide integrated power solutions according to customer requirements.

VR/AR Smart Glasses Battery List

Model No. Voltage (V) C-rate Capacity (mAh) IR (mΩ) Weight (g) Type Application
GRP2524038-T1A 4.35 10C 185 ≤80 4.1±0.5 curved battery VR/AR headset, smart glasses
GRP3024038-E1A 4.35 8C 250 ≤70 5.3±0.5 curved battery VR/AR headset, smart glasses
GRP3020035-11A 4.35 1C 200 ≤75 3.9±0.5 curved battery VR/AR headset, smart glasses
GRP4024025-13A 4.35 1C 225 ≤100 4.1±0.5 curved battery VR/AR headset, smart glasses
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