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Ultra Thin Battery

Ultra thin characteristics

Grepow can now offer special-shaped batteries ranging in thickness from 8 mm to as thin as 0.5 mm. The biggest characteristic of this ultra-thin battery is that the thickness of the whole battery can be as thin as paper all the while having a long cycle life and low self-consumption.

We offer the following services:

Flexible support on custom solutions

Reliable and stable performance

Samples and mass production are available

OEM, ODM available

Grepow Ultra Thin Battery

We can design and manufacture different sizes and models according to the various needs of our clients. Our batteries are widely used in smart cards, ultra-thin credit cards, MP3 players, RFID electronic tags, second-generation bank cards and many others. For more information, please contact us now.

Ultra-thin Separator for Ultra Thin Battery

The 9um separator reduces the internal resistance of the battery and increases the volumetric energy density of the battery

Battery model: GRP574285-S
Battery size: 5.7mm*42mm*85mm
Diaphrabm thickness Capacity Internal Resistance Cell Weight Energy Density
Ultra thin separator 9 μm 2550 mAh 2.2 mΩ 45.5 g 464 Wh/L
Ordinary separator 16 μm 2250 mAh 2.5 mΩ 42.5 g 409 Wh/L
sheet to show the differences between ultra-thin battery and ordinary battery

Ultra Thin Battery List

Type Voltage (V) C rate Capacity (mAh) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Shape Mould
GRP0849049 4.35 1C 140 0.8 49 49 Ultra-thin Yes
GRP0849049 4.2 1C 135 0.8 49 49 Ultra-thin Yes
GRP0449049 4.35 1C 48 0.4 49 49 Ultra-thin Yes
GRP0422055 4.2 1C 22 0.4 22 55 Ultra-thin Yes
0.8mm Thickness Ultra thin battery GRP0849049 structure GRP0849049


0.4mm Thickness Ultra thin battery GRP0449049 structure GRP0449049


0.4mm Thickness Ultra-thin battery GRP0422055 structure GRP0422055


Customize a Thin Battery

We have the unique ability to develop custom, thin batteries that fit your needs. Our expert team of chemists and engineers have the experience needed to get your battery from the specs to production fast.

Key factors for customizing:

Stock samples up to 100+ models.

A plethora of different shapes to choose from

Strict quality control.

Instant customer support offered locally in US, Germany, and China.

Ultra Thin Battery Struct
  • requirements of your electronics


    First, let us know your size limitations and anticipated capacity needed for your project.

  • design coin


    We will work closely with you to create a new design according to your requirements

  • samples coin


    Prototypes and samples are available.

  • mass production coin

    Mass Production

    We can arrange for mass production to be done as quickly as 45 days.

Grepow Ultra Thin Battery Application

GREPOW produces high-performance thin batteries for Mini-phone card, Bank cards, Smart card, information cards, heating clothes, smart shoes, a smart belt, military, portable sensors, smart labels, micro speakers, medical equipment, tracking devices and others
Our R&D team works closely with clients to provide the best solution for their batteries.
Grepow ultra-thin battery for smart clothing

Smart Clothing

Grepow ultra-thin battery for tracking device

Tracking Devices

Grepow ultra-thin battery for smart cards

Smart Cards

Grepow ultra-thin battery for IoT


Grepow ultra-thin battery for pet tracker devices

Tracker Devices

FAQ on Ultra Thin Battery

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