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Fast-Charge Batteries

Fast-charging technology allows for more efficiency while shortening charging times. That is why Grepow Inc. has started utilizing a new formula, NMC 532, with the cathode that is composed of nickel, manganese and cobalt in 5:3:2 ratio, which ultimately allows the batteries to have a 5C fast-charging rate. Combined with our stacking technology and tried-and-testing manufacturing process, these new battery packs are made to be safer and more stable than ever for UAVs. OEM and ODM is being accepted for custom orders.


Faster Charging:
Supports 3C - 5C fast charge. Charging speed can be increased by 60%

Long Cycles:
Single cell cycle 1000+ cycles with 90% capacity retention rate. Usage increases by 50%

High Energy Density:
Up to 220 Wh/kg. Weights 15% less than ordinary batteries

Effective Price:
More affordable than LCO batteries — save up to 30% in cost

What is a Fast Charge Battery?

what is a fast charge battery - Grepow Battery

The diagram above illustrates how a Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) battery is charged in a constant current charging process for fast charging. When the voltage reaches the upper limits, it is adjusted to constant voltage charging to make the battery charge saturated.

A fast-charge battery is a battery that can be charged to 80% or 100% in a short period of time. The technology changes the electrolyte formation to allow the battery to withstand a higher current and quick, full charge.

Throughout the process, different standard charging currents are available for different batteries. For example, 0.1-0.5C is generally selected for 3C batteries while 1C is generally selected for high-power batteries. Choosing a lower charging current also takes the safety of the battery into consideration. The usual fast charge charging current is several times higher than the standard charging current.

Testing Information

Grepow NMC 532 battery up to 700 cycles
The charging time with NMC 532 fast charge battery
The voltage and temperature at 25℃ test with Grepow NMC 532 battery
The voltage and high temperature at 45℃ test with Grepow NMC 532 battery

Battery Models

Battery Model TATTU-NMC532-6S20 TATTU-NMC532-6S28 TATTU-NMC532-12S20 TATTU-NMC532-12S28
Capacity (mAh) 20000 28000 20000 28000
Configuration (S/P) 6S1P 6S1P 12S1P 12S1P
Discharge rate (C) 25 25 25 25
Voltage (V) 22.8 22.8 45.6 45.6
LWH (±2mm) 238 x 84 x 60 233 x 110 x 68 238 x 168 x 60 233 x 215 x 68
Weight (±50g) 2180 3180 2180 6400


Grepow NMC 532 fast charging battery for UAV / drone


Grepow fast charge battery for industrial or Electrical Tools


Grepow fast charge battery for surveying and mapping

Surveying and mapping

Grepow fast charge battery for gricultural spraying drone

Agricultural spraying

Grepow fast charge battery for cargo transport UAV

Cargo transport

Grepow fast charge battery for filming drone


Grepow NMC 532 fast charging shaped battery for wearable devices

Wearable Device

Grepow NMC 532 battery for Emergency Power Supplies

Emergency Power Supply

Grepow NMC 532 fast charge battery for robot / RC

Electrical Tool

NMC 532 fast charge battery for Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone

Grepow fast charge battery for industrial or Electrical Tools


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