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Smartwatch Battery Solutions

Smartwatches are starting to gain popularity. Most smartwatches are equipped with heart rate monitoring and GPS functions. Some are even applied in professional sports competitions. Lithium batteries have been the ideal choice of many newly designed electronic wearables as it offers a high energy density, wide capacity range, lightweight and long cycle life.

Smartwatch are generally round with a diameter between 42 to 45 mm. Although they are in round shape, most of them still use square-shape batteries which do not utilize the entire space of the watch they power. In contrast, customized shaped batteries created by Grepow better fit into the empty spaces in watches and also increase the maximum capacity available.

Furthermore, Grepow provides solutions for high discharge rates, high voltage cells and extreme high energy density lipo battery for smartwatch. Low-temperature cells can also be manufactured so that they can work even at -40℃. Grepow is ultimately a one-stop shop for customization services.  Customers need only focus on the design of the product, and Grepow will provide the best solution for their specific battery systems.

Round Smartwatch Battery

Why Choose Grepow Smartwatch Battery Solutions

OEM mass production, mature manufacturing process. Physical factory supply, quality assurance, and after-sales service.

High energy density, high output power, high capacity, and lightweight.

High battery consistency, is conducive to series and parallel combination processing; can be combined according to different requirements.

Meet ROHS, SGS, CE, UL and other testing requirements.

Battery assembly method requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, custom size! Such as shaped, voltage, capacity, etc..

Can provide integrated power solutions according to customer requirements.

Smartwatch Battery List

Model Voltage C-rate Capacity Shape Application
GRP4730027 4.35V 1C 330mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP5030027 4.2V 3C 300mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP6530027 4.35V 3C 430mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP3533031 4.35V 1C 295mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4035035 4.35V 1C 405mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4435035 4.2V 1C 450mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4535035 4.35V 1C 475mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4037036 4.35V 1C 495mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4635035 4.35V 1C 480mAh round smartwatch battery
* Contact us for a complete smartwatch battery list!