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Smartwatch Battery

Your needs, our goals

Smartwatch Battery Solutions

Smartwatches are generally round with a diameter between 42 and 45 mm, there are others that are rectangular. Customized shaped batteries created by Grepow better fit into the empty spaces in watches and also increase the maximum capacity available.

Smartwatch Batteries

1. Any shape, according to the actual smartwatch requirements.

2. Thickness: 0.4~8 mm; width: 6~50 mm.

3. Support high rate discharge, quick charging capacity.

4. Wide operating temperature: -50 ℃~50 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃.

5. Test samples will be completed in 7 days.

6. European and USA warehouse for easy supply.

Grepow is ultimately a one-stop shop for customization services. Customers need only focus on the design of the product, and Grepow will provide the best solution for their specific battery systems. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Smartwatch batteries List

Model Voltage C-rate Capacity Shape Application
GRP4730027 4.35V 1C 330mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP5030027 4.2V 3C 300mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP6530027 4.35V 3C 430mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP3533031 4.35V 1C 295mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4035035 4.35V 1C 405mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4435035 4.2V 1C 450mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4535035 4.35V 1C 475mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4037036 4.35V 1C 495mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4635035 4.35V 1C 480mAh round smartwatch battery
GRP4020049 4.35V 1C 450mAh rectangular smartwatch battery
GRP3824038 4.35V 1C 410mAh curved smartwatch battery
GRP3334012 4.35V 1C 95mAh D shape smartwatch battery
GRP1254 3.7V 1C 66mAh button-cell smartwatch battery

Custom solutions

Want a different smartwatch battery?  Contact us now for your special needs.

customized solutions

Customized solutions

Made according to your products’ size, discharge capacity/demand, cycle life, use, and any special requirements, such as fast-charging, low-temperature use, etc.

quick sampling service

Quick Sampling Service

Our team of experts can evaluate, test, and provide prototypes.  Test samples can be completed in 7 days

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