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Tattu and Gens ace RC Battery

Grepow sub-brands Gens ace and Tattu batteries have been used in all types of vehicles from cars, trucks, airplanes, boats to FPV quads. While being lightweight, our RC batteries still have large capacities, high discharge rates and are advantageous over conventional turbine and nitro power. Grepow provides professional battery solutions, customizes the exclusive RC hobby battery and offer OEM, ODM services. Strong power to endlessly back up your passions.

tattu 12000 mah uav battery
gens ace 5000 mah rc car battery
gens ace bashing 5500 mah rc battery


Tattu and Gens ace are specially made for the modeling field and enjoy a high reputation worldwide. The safe, stable recipe and exquisite production process create high-power, low internal resistance and strong batteries, which are the best choice for racing, entertainment and DIY people. For different playing methods and different use conditions, we have launched different series such as R-line, Redline, Bashing, Funfly, etc. to provide the most perfect experience.

gens ace and tattu battery with sufficient capacity

Sufficient Capacity

gens ace and tattu battery with high explosion

High Explosion

gens ace and tattu battery with high c rate

High C Rate

gens ace and tattu battery with high capacity retention rate

High Capacity Retention

gens ace and tattu battery with long cycle life

Long Cycle Life

gens ace bashing rc battery

Gens ace Bashing

gens ace redline rc battery

Gens ace Redline

gens ace adventure battery

Gens ace Adventure

gens ace rline battery

Tattu R-line

tattu funfly fpv battery

Tattu Funfly

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