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Power Tools


Grepow's power-tool batteries are made of high-quality LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) pouch cells and are integrated with a BMS. Compared with conventional, cylindrical Li-ion power-tool batteries, we provide a more powerful discharge performance and longer run time and cycle life. Our high-discharge power-tool batteries are compatible with original power tools.

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Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

Forklift (AGV)

Forklift (AGV)

Medical Bone Drill

Medical Bone Drill

Portable Oxygen Generator

Medical - Portable Oxygen Generator

Fetal Heart Monitoring (EFM)

Medical - Fetal Heart Monitoring (EFM)


More powerful current discharge performance.

Higher discharge platform with longer working time per charge.

Lighter weight and low temperature rise.

Integrated BMS with multi-protections and functions.

Completely compatible with original power tools and chargers.

Able to perform deeper holes and drill more holes.

Case Study

Power Tool Batteries - Medical Bone Drill

Common configurations for various orthopedic surgery:

Joint Surgery: Pendulum Saw, Slow Drill

JTrauma Surgery: Trauma Surgery, Bone Drill, Torque Wrench

Brain Surgery: Craniotomy, Skull Milling, Bone Drilling

Cardiothoracic Surgery:Sternum Saw, Oscillating Saw, Refurbishment Saw

Medical Bone Drill
Grepow Batteries for Medical Bone Drill

Lithium Polymer Battery:

- 673388 - 11.1V
- 1300mAh (15C) / 1800mAh (25C)

NiMH batteries:

- HP 14.4V- AA1600mAh / 1300mAh


- High Discharge Rate- Safe
- High Capacity- Quick Charge
- Highly Compatible

Power Tool Batteries

Performance Curve

Temperature comparison
Temperature Comparison
We compared a Grepow 18V, 4Ah power-tool battery with another brand’s, and we found that Grepow’s batteries have a lower increase in temperature. When drilling 160 holes, Grepow’s battery was at 32℃ while the other brand was at 34℃; the difference in temperature only increases with the number of drilled holes.
Comparison of Drilled Holes
Comparison of Drilled Holes
With the same, fully-charged battery, the Grepow power-tool battery was able to drill 320 holes, much higher than the other brand’s 220 drilled holes.

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