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Power Tools Applications

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Power Tools


Grepow's power-tool batteries are made of high-quality LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) pouch cells and are integrated with a BMS. Compared with conventional, cylindrical Li-ion power-tool batteries, we provide a more powerful discharge performance and longer run time and cycle life. Our high-discharge power-tool batteries are compatible with original power tools.

power tool


More powerful current discharge performance.

Higher discharge platform with longer working time per charge.

Lighter weight and low temperature rise.

Integrated BMS with multi-protections and functions.

Completely compatible with original power tools and chargers.

Able to perform deeper holes and drill more holes.

Case Study

Power Tool Batteries - Medical Bone Drill

Common configurations for various orthopedic surgery:

Joint Surgery: Pendulum Saw, Slow Drill

JTrauma Surgery: Trauma Surgery, Bone Drill, Torque Wrench

Brain Surgery: Craniotomy, Skull Milling, Bone Drilling

Cardiothoracic Surgery:Sternum Saw, Oscillating Saw, Refurbishment Saw

Medical Bone Drill
Grepow Batteries for Medical Bone Drill

Lithium Polymer Battery:

- 673388 - 11.1V
- 1300mAh (15C) / 1800mAh (25C)

NiMH batteries:

- HP 14.4V- AA1600mAh / 1300mAh


- High Discharge Rate- Safe
- High Capacity- Quick Charge
- Highly Compatible

Power Tool Batteries

Performance Curve

Temperature comparison
Temperature Comparison
We compared a Grepow 18V, 4Ah power-tool battery with another brand’s, and we found that Grepow’s batteries have a lower increase in temperature. When drilling 160 holes, Grepow’s battery was at 32℃ while the other brand was at 34℃; the difference in temperature only increases with the number of drilled holes.
Comparison of Drilled Holes
Comparison of Drilled Holes
With the same, fully-charged battery, the Grepow power-tool battery was able to drill 320 holes, much higher than the other brand’s 220 drilled holes.


Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

Forklift (AGV)

Forklift (AGV)

Medical Bone Drill

Medical Bone Drill

Portable Oxygen Generator

Medical - Portable Oxygen Generator

Fetal Heart Monitoring (EFM)

Medical - Fetal Heart Monitoring (EFM)

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