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Custom-shaped Batteries

Custom-shaped Batteries
Shaped Batteries Features

1. Excellent explosion-proof performance, no fire or explosion in gun test;

2. Arbitrary shape, according to the actual product application requirements;

3. Thickness: 0.5 mm to 8 mm; width: 6 mm to 50 mm;

4. Support high rate discharge, quick charging capacity;

5. Wide operating temperature: -50 ℃~50 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃;

6. Custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf batteries.

7. Test samples will be completed in 7 days.

8. Applications: smart wearable devices, IoT, medical and other portable devices.

Modular Battery

Modular Battery Features

1. Extensionable: Voltage / Capacity Extension up to 4S10P (only available for 12V modular battery);

2. High Discharging: Up to 5C High Speed Charge/Discharge;

3. Well Performance: High power capability and excellent cycle performance;

4. Modular & Customizable: Providing space and weight savings resulting from a high energy density;

5. Intelligent BMS: Grepow BMS enables high-power discharge with multiple controls and protection functions.

Modular Battery

Tattu UAV Drone Battery

Tattu UAV Drone Battery
Tattu UAV Drone Battery Features

1. Charge management: overcharge protection, balancing charging;

2. Discharge management: over-discharge protection, over-current protection;

3. Temperature management: high-temperature protection, low-temperature protection;

4. Other management: short-circuit protection, smart storage, high-precision SOC indicate.

Low-Temperature Battery

Low-Temperature Battery Features

1. Dimensions: Customizable;

2. Low- temperature LiPo battery Operating Temperature:  -50℃ to 50℃;

3. Low-temperature LiFePO4 battery Operating Temperature:  -40℃ to 50℃;

4. Safe and reliable, in accordance with IEC, UL, PSE, UN38.3 lithium battery safety standards.

Low-Temperature Battery

High Discharge Battery

High Discharge Battery
High Discharge Battery Features

1. High performance in power, discharge, and life cycles due to stacking process;

2. Ability to achieve 150C pulse, 90C discharge for 2seconds, 45C continuous discharge, and 5C fast charging;

3. Provides better temperature stability and tolerance due to the allowance of higher discharge rate;

4. Ultra-thin characteristics, light weight, flexible size, flexible shapes, and ability to accommodate many applications;

5. With ultra-thin characteristics, small size, extremely light weight, High discharge rate lithium polymer can be made into a variety of shapes and capacities of shaped batteries, thickness can reach 0.5mm.

Battery Pack

Battery Pack Features

1. Custom built battery pack for your application;

2. Smaller size but higher capacity;

3. Grepow has an extensive category of batteries with different configurations and chemical formulas;

4. Safe and reliable, in accordance with IEC, UL, PSE, UN38.3 lithium battery safety standards.

Battery Pack