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Industrial Applications

industrial batteries for industrial applications

What Industrial applications are?

The industrial applications are always recognized as high power desirable and used in extreme conditions, so they must focus on the durability and reliability of the product lifespan.

In general, industrial application divided into three types:

- Measuring, mapping and surveying equipment;

- Detection and inspection equipment;

- Production equipment

Industrial applications have unique power requirements, the batteries they choose is different to ordinary batteries, it is hard to buy alternative or replacements that perfectly fit, so sometimes customized industrial batteries are more desirable and relatively inexpensive.

Characteristics of industrial applications:

- High power consumption

- Prolonged use of electricity

- Extreme working environment

(e.g. freezer inventory, high-temperature workshop)

  • power drill with lithium battery
  • forklift with lithium battery
  • AGV with lithium battery

The common industrial applications like forklifts, electric drills, ice auger, industrial robots, AGV (Automated guided vehicle), medical equipment, boat, energy storage system, subsea project, freezer inventory, etc.

What are Industrial batteries?

“Industrial Batteries” is used to imply that the battery is designed to withstand heavy use and more vibration and possible temperature extremes.

Grepow Industrial Batteries

Grepow Industrial battery

Consumer battery

Industrial battery :

Used with Industrial Applications

Measuring, maping and surveying equipments
Detection and inspection equipments
Production equipments
Forklift, Power Tools
Off-Grid or Micro-Grid System
Backup System and UPS
Lead-Acid battery replacement

Consumer battery :

Used with 3C products

Phone Laptop
Wearable devices