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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery, also called the LFP battery, is a type of rechargeable battery. It is the safest Lithium battery type currently available on the market today. It is made to be a small size and light in weight, and it has a high energy density. It's cycle life can reach thousands of cycles. Grepow's LiFePo4 batteries offer high-powered cell performance that is compatible with many Lithium-ion applications and able to delivery more power and longer life.


Grepow Modular Batteries

Grepow Modular Batteries
Grepow Modular Battery Features

1. Support in mutil-series and -parallel modules: up to 4S10P;

2. Up to 5C High Speed Charge/Discharge;

3. Intelligent BMS: Grepow BMS enables high-power discharge with multiple controls and protection functions;

4. The Modular design makes battery easy to install. You can tailor made the battery size, case, plug-in, etc.

Low-Temperature LiFePO4 Batteries

Low-Temperature LiFePO4

Grepow's low-temperature LiFePO4 battery takes new technology with excellent low-temperature performance at -40℃. The discharging current of 0.2C at -20℃ is over 85% of initial capacity; at 30℃, it is over 70%; at -40℃, it is around 55%. Such batteries are widely used in military equipment, aerospace industry, deep diving equipment, polar region scientific investigation, medical electronics, and other low temperature application fields.

Grepow -40℃ low temperature battery

High C-Rate LiFePO4 Batteries

high C-rate lifepo4 battery
High Discharge Rate LiFePO4

Lithium Iron Phosphate material has the advantages of being environmentally friendly and non-toxic, having a high working voltage and high performance. It is considered to be the anode material for the new generation of Lithium batteries. Furthermore, high C-rate LiFePO4 batteries have become more popular as higher discharge and faster charging requirements have pushed for more technological improvements. High-discharge Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are widely used for forklifts, electric go-karts, powersports starters, etc.


Jump starter
Powersports starter battery
Portable power station
Forklift / AGV
Electric Go-Kart
Car Audio
Electric Golf Cart
Amateur Radio / Ham Radio
Home Solar Energy Storage
Solar Street Light
Uninterruptible power supply UPS
Marine Travel
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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery List

Model C-rate (c) Capacity(mAh) Voltage(V) Weight (g) Thickness(mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
GRP7365132 1C 5000 3.2 111.0±3.0 6.7±0.3 63.0±0.5 130.5±0.5
GRP6767182 3C 8000 3.2 167.0±5.0 6.5±0.2 67.0±0.5 184.0±0.5
GRP6065132 5C 4000 3.2 93.0±2.5 5.8±0.2 63.0±0.5 130.0±0.5
GRP8034096 10C 2100 3.2 48.5±2.0 7.7±0.3 33.5±0.5 97.0±0.5
GRP8570156 20C 7300 3.2 176.5±5.0 8.2±0.3 69.5±0.5 155.5±0.5
GRP6778156 25C 6000 3.2 158.0±5.0 6.4±0.2 78.0±0.5 154.0±0.5

Energy Storage Series

Grepow 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery
12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery
Grepow 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery
12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery
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