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The Battery Management System is a piece of hardware with an electronic system on board that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or pack) and is the link between the battery and it's user. Our BMS includes a control module, a display module, a wireless communication module, and an acquisition module for recording the battery's history.

The acquisition module is connected with the input end of the BMS battery management system; and the output end of the BMS battery management system is connected with the input end of the control module; the control module is respectively connected to the battery pack and the electrical device; and the BMS battery management system is connected to the Server-side through the wireless communication module.Along with the BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM evolving, more and more functions suitable for this industry will be added gradually

Custom your BMS functions:

  • Communication Functions

    - Communication Protocol(SMBus, CAN)

    - Communication Protection

    - SOC Indicator

    - Current Detection

    - Abnormal Log

    - Self-Inspection

    - Using Time Record

  • Charge Management

    - Charging Over-Voltage Protection

    - Charging Over-Current Protection

    - Charging Over-Temperature Alarm/Protection

    - Charging Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection

    - Abnormal Voltage Gap Warning

    - Charging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection

    - Self-Balancing

  • Discharge Management

    - Discharging Over-Current Protection

    - Discharging Under-Voltage Protection

    - Battery No-Load Protection

    - Discharging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection

    - Discharging Over-temperature Alarm/Protection

    - Discharge Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection

  • Other Functions

    - Self-Heating Technology for Low Temperature

    - Ultra-Low Power Consumption

    - Reverse Connection Protection

    - Self-Discharging in Fully Charged Storage

Why Choose Us?

Grepow's BMS are mainly designed for high-rate lithium batteries, suitable for intelligent lithium packs of unmanned aerial vehicles, providing security protection, data statistics and intelligent management for 12 cells lithium packs. Our product adopts industrial grade ARM-32 bit processor and matches high-precision AFE front-end acquisition chip to realize precise measurement and intelligent management of key parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, capacity and life cycles of each cell.

Product Solutions

  • 01
    Supporting 12 cells lithium packs
  • 02
    Each cell is monitored in real time separately
  • 03
    Three sets of temperature monitoring
  • 04
    Overvoltage double protection (single cells & battery packs) ; Undervoltage protection (single cell & battery packs)
  • 05
    Overcurrent protection;Short-circuit protection;Reverse charging protection
  • 06
    Each cell is monitored in real time separately
  • 07
    Three sets of temperature monitoring
  • 08
    Intelligent dynamic equalization
  • 09
    Battery status (normal status, warning status, fault status); human-computer interaction
  • 10
    Battery history data query
  • 11
    Battery self-heating function
  • 12
    Voltage tolerance ≤±5mV
  • 13
    Temperature error ≤±2℃
  • 14
    Power calculation error≤±5%

Product Application

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