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Bluetooth Headset Battery

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Bluetooth Headset Battery Solutions

Most batteries for Bluetooth headset are a rectangular shape, which capacity is 200 to 500mAh range, but they do not make use of the entire space of the Bluetooth headset they power, because most Bluetooth headsets are the round shape or oval shape. The customized shaped batteries created by Grepow can better fit into the remaining spaces of the Bluetooth headsets, and provide maximum capacity. Furthermore, Grepow provides solutions for high discharge rates and high voltage cells. Customers need only focus on the design of their product, Grepow will provide the maximum capacity solution.

Bluetooth Headset Battery
  • High discharge rates and high voltage cells
  • Maximum capacity
  • Lighter, safer and more powerful
  • Customized in various shapes and sizes
  • High-quality and mature solutions
  • From prototype to serial production

Grepow Bluetooth headset battery is lighter, safer and more powerful. It can be customized in various shapes and sizes to provide you with high-quality and mature solutions for Bluetooth polymer lithium batteries. Welcome to contact online customer service, quickly get more Bluetooth lithium battery solutions!

Bluetooth Headset Battery

Bluetooth Headset Battery List

Model Voltage C-rate Capacity Shape Application
GRP5435035-11A 4.4V 1C 610mAh round Bluetooth headset battery
GRP5535035-11A 4.2V 1C 580mAh round Bluetooth headset battery
GRP5335035-11A 4.35V 1C 560mAh round Bluetooth headset battery
GRP4737036-11A 4.35V 1C 580mAh round Bluetooth headset battery
GRP6035033-13A 4.2V 1C 630mAh round Bluetooth headset battery
GRP5545043-12A 5.2V 1C 960mAh round Bluetooth headset battery