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Battery Packs

Grepow has an extensive category of batteries with different configurations and chemical formulas. Whatever requirements in Lithium Polymer Battery Packs, Grepow can offer off the shelf products or tailor a unique proposal.
When it comes to the higher voltage of battery pack, the configuration in the series makes the most sense. Grepow offers various series ranging from 1S to NS. “NS” meaning whatever series wanted. Definition: 1S = 1 Series = 3.7V (But for High Voltage cell 1S = 3.8V)
series battery
When smaller size but higher capacity is needed simultaneously, the configuration of parallel can help. Battery packs in several parallels are supported at Grepow varying from 1 Parallel(Abbr. 1P) to N Parallels. Definition: 1P means capacity to keep stable, “2P” means capacity duplicated, “3P” means capacity triplicated, “NP” means capacity multiplied N times.
banked battery

Common Assembly Types

battery pack Common Assembly Types

Custom Built Battery Pack Service

Battery Pack

At Grepow we understand that a standard battery pack does not meet everyone's requirements. So if you need a battery pack for a particular application then we can work with you to confirm your design requirements and advise the optimal solution. Prototypes and small batch runs through to production volumes can also be catered for.

We are ready to participate in the creation of a custom built battery pack for your application- please contact us for additional information and assistance.

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