Why are cell phone makers abandoning replaced battery design?

Cell phone battery disassembly

Nowadays, the world’s 5G network technology is developing rapidly, and our cell phones are gradually crossing over from 4G network technology to the higher realm of 5G network technology smartphones. And our pursuit of cell phones that accompany us day and night is not just a large screen, large battery capacity, but a full-screen, high refresh rate, high pixel. Some time ago, the EU proposed a “return to the ancestral program”. In this program, the EU wants to require that the batteries in electronic products must be removable which means to support consumers to change their own batteries. This idea is actually not feasible. Many cell phone manufacturers have abandoned the design of removable batteries before this, why?

Smartphone Structure Perspective View
Smartphone Structure Perspective View

Removable battery designs have been abandoned by manufacturers for 7 reasons below.

The Importance of One-piece Design

Now the world’s major smartphone manufacturers are all integrated smartphones because the smartphone in the case of integration has better resistance to damage, water and dust resistance, and the world’s smartphone development trend and more thin and light this one, and want to do more thin and light than only the integration of cell phones and batteries and other parts. When the phone and battery integration, not only can significantly improve the security, but also can improve the phone’s range and reduce the smartphone’s energy consumption. If the removable design, then the smartphone will not only be heavier, and resistance to damage, dust, and water resistance will also be significantly reduced.

The Need for Smartphone Security

In the past, when the battery is removable, we often have battery explosions, battery loss too fast, and other problems. This is because, in the case of removable cell phone batteries, there will be a lot of pirated batteries, which will not only disrupt the entire smartphone market order but will also affect the personal safety of users. Although it is said that as long as the battery is removable, it can significantly improve efficiency, if you do not guarantee the quality of the replaced battery, then not only will there be great damage to the phone, but also cause some danger to the user.

Smartphone Appearance Needs and the Resulting Process Problems
The shell and battery dropped out of a cell phone
The shell and battery dropped out of a cell phone

Some phones take a metal frame or even glass or ceramic rear shell, the application of these materials makes the phone texture is very good, but these materials are not flexible, it is difficult to design a snap-on shell, only like the Apple phone with a tiny screw at the bottom to fix the shell. A tiny screw is involved, it is not suitable for the general user community self-help operation, or the manufacturer’s customer service phone will be broken.

Smartphone Reliability Needs

Smartphone’s motherboard cables are generally from the battery over the past, change the battery but also first pull the motherboard cables, before pulling the motherboard cables must first pull the power cables, the wrong order may damage the phone. But I think this risk is not completely insurmountable, the motherboard cable can also go from the bottom of the battery, and charge the battery without moving it.

The Need for Waterproof
Smart cell phone dropped into water
Smart cell phone dropped into water

Part of the phone to take the whole waterproof design, that seals the phone case, it is not just the use of rubber seals, but also the use of glue. An easily removable back case obviously can not use glue at the seams, the result is that it is difficult to do a reliable waterproof.

Improving Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

If you think back carefully, you can remember that the original use of cell phone batteries are built-in nickel-hydrogen batteries, not only bulky, and charging time is basically about 8 hours, often heard the news of cell phone battery bulge scrapped or exploded spontaneous combustion, and even if the normal use to battery scrapped, the service life is not long. Often a cell phone with several batteries, and battery life is truly short, so it is very distressing. Later cell phone batteries developed into the current built-in lithium-ion polymer batteries (lipo).

Due to the continuous progress of lithium battery technology, under normal circumstances, cell phone batteries are a day a charge, and general battery use can also reach more than 3 years (although different people, the use of time life length is not the same). This is very popular with users, and naturally can be developed in the direction of non-removable.

The Application of Battery Fast Charging Technology
Fast Charging tech of Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
Fast Charging Technology of Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

Today’s cell phones basically have a fast-charging function, cell phone batteries are processed after rigorous testing and detection. If you rashly replace the battery of other brands or cottage batteries, it is easy to cause the battery to explode, do not think this is an alarmist. To understand today’s cell phone’s fast-charging power has reached 50w, if not strictly tested battery, it is really hard to say what will happen. If something really happens, the brand’s own reputation will also have a bad impact. So in order to deal with this problem at the root, it is definitely better to have an integrated design.


After the integration of smartphones, the magical universal charge reluctantly withdrew from the stage, we can no longer use up the phone after the charge as you wish to disassemble the charge and change the battery. Borrowing from the new chemical energy -lipo battery’s innate lightweight characteristics, as well as the development of fast charging technology, successfully realized the integration of the thin and light cell phone, screen full screen, charging safety, and convenience. At the same time, the damage resistance of cell phones has also risen significantly, and cell phone batteries will not be dropped out anymore!

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