What type of battery does drones use?

Types Of Drone Batteries

The battery has been more than two hundred years since its invention to the present. The development of drone batteries is based on the type and use of drones to classify. In general, drone batteries are divided into two categories by the size of the discharge current. One is high-multiplier discharge, called a high-multiplier drone battery. The other is the normal discharge C-rate, mostly called a drone battery. However, the more reasonable division is that it is more appropriate to divide the type of drone battery by the type of drone.

Agricultural drones

Agricultural drones are divided into helicopter agricultural drones, multi-rotor agricultural drones and fixed-wing agricultural drones.

Helicopter agricultural drones

Helicopter agricultural drones have better pesticide spraying depth than other agricultural drones. It’s better for dense crops. The disadvantage is that the control difficulty coefficient is relatively high, and the amount of pesticides in the load-bearing belt is relatively small. This requires the drone to operate multiple times and has the potential to leak areas. This type of drone is suitable for small area plant protection. The drone battery used is generally medium discharge rate can be, like 15C.

Fixed-winHelicopter agricultural dronesg agricultural drones

Multi-rotor agricultural drones

The advantages of multi-rotor agricultural drones over other agricultural drones are the wide range of pesticide spraying, the large amount of pesticides carried, easy to operate, flight stability, no missing area operation, suitable for medium-sized plant protection area operations. The disadvantage of this type of drone is that it uses more power and replaces the drone battery more frequently. It is recommended to use a better-performing TATTU agricultural drone battery, depending on the weight of the drone itself can choose more than 16,000 mah.

best drone battery 11

Fixed-wing agricultural drones

Fixed-wing drones are mainly used for ultra-large-area plant protection, mainly powered by gasoline. But starting the drone still needs to be powered up accordingly. It uses high-margin drone batteries. General use of batteries are not very large, but the large discharge capacity of the battery and recycling performance requirements are relatively high.

Fixed-wing agricultural drones

Aerial drones

Aerial drones are the most common and more civilian. But aerial drones are also divided into ordinary high-speed aerial and high-speed stunt aerial photography. They also use different batteries.

Ordinary high-speed aerial photography

Most of the batteries used in ordinary high-speed aerial photography are medium-rate drone batteries, of course, refer to larger drone aerial camera devices. Aerial photography like this basically uses a soft-packed medium-sized aerial drone battery. It requires a battery that is both high in capacity and light in size. Therefore, most of them are used in soft-pack polymer lithium batteries.

aerial photography

High-speed stunt aerial photography

Most of the high-speed stunt aerial shots use four-wing drones. Because in the course of aerial photography, the speed of the drone has the effect of instantaneous high-speed acceleration and smooth aerial photography. In the case of sensitivity and high-speed sharp angle shooting, under the operation of the first vision, the difficulty factor of operation is very large. Aerial photography like this is more demanding for drone batteries. High C-rate discharge, smooth discharge, high capacity, small volume, light weight, discharge temperature is stable, etc. , are more important.

High-speed stunt aerial photography

FPV Drones

Drone racing is a popular activity. In addition to the performance of the drones used in drone competitions, the performance requirements for drone batteries are also serious. Of course the operator is the most important. The performance requirements of the drone batteries used in the competition category are generally small in size, light weight, high capacity, stable discharge at very high C-rate, and stable discharge temperature.

FPV Drones

Industrial-grade drones

Industrial-grade drones include security drones, mapping drones, rescue drones and cargo drones. The drone batteries used by these drones are not very demanding for discharge C-rate. However, the battery capacity size, discharge platform, discharge temperature, storage, cycle life requirements are relatively high. Because these drones are not used very often. These drones are suitable for intelligent flight batteries, such as the Tattu Plus 6S 12000mah.

Industrial-grade drones

Toy drone

This type of drone is basically used for entertainment or children’s toys. The battery of this kind of drone is relatively common, as long as it meets the requirements of long flight time and long service life. Flight batteries like the Rline brand are ideal for toy drones.

Toy drone

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