The application of LiPo battery | Battery Monday

The application of LiPo battery - Battery Monday | 14 DEC 2020

This video will tell you about the different application areas of LiPo batteries and provide you with some help when choosing a battery.

Wide range of applications

Lithium Polymer batteries are all around us. They’re in smart-phones, wearable devices, drones, UAVs, medical equipments, and more.

With today’s devices getting smaller and smaller, and with many different types of electrical requirements, the traditional cylindrical NiMH and Li-ion batteries, with their immutable shapes, no longer meet the needs of the market.

Traditional cylindrical NiMH and Li-ion batteries | Grepow


Lithium polymers can be made into any shape and fit any device that has a unique design. Lithium polymer can also be made into any size to accommodate certain applications such as smart security access cards, car remote control locks, wearable appliances or even insertable medical devices to check for glucose levels.

wearable appliances' battery and lipo battery | Grepow

They are also favored by radio control enthusiasts and are popularized in many other applications (including robotics, some newer consumer products, and other system integration projects).

High C-rate

The characteristics of high C-rate make LiPo batteries well used in power tools and jump starters.

Most of the power tools on the market today use cylindrical NiMH batteries, but there has been a trend to switch to li-ion batteries or even pouch cell (soft pack) batteries, and many power tool companies have started testing and using pouch cell LiPo batteries. Because pouch cell LiPo batteries offer high discharge rates (pulse current up to 150c and continuous current up to 50c), they offer greater performance and smoother operation. High C-rate is also needed for dronesUAVs and RCs

Power tool companies have started testing and using soft pack or pouch cell lipo batteries | Grepow

In addition, when using NiMH or 18650 batteries for power tool batteries, a lot of space is wasted inside the battery pack, but if you use LiPo batteries instead, Grepow’s pouch cell LiPo batteries can be customized into different shapes to fill all the space inside the battery case, maximizing the capacity of the battery.

When using NiMH or 18650 batteries for power tool batteries, a lot of space is wasted inside the battery pack | Grepow

For Jump Starters, which may be better known to people who drive cars, the jump starter on the market is mainly divided into two types of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, generally divided into two types of 12V and 24V, most of which use lipo batteries. While cylindrical 18650s tend to have insufficient magnification, the high magnification of pouch cell LiPo batteries allows for discharge currents of 1000, 2000, 3000A for different vehicles. Most of the current jump starters have a micro-USB, type-c interface, which can be used as a power bank, and lipo batteries are very friendly to them.

Other areas

LiPo batteries also play a role in many other areas, such as GPS trackers, IoT devices, portable LED devices, UPS batteries, smart street lights and other devices.


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