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The personal benefits of a high voltage lithium battery | Battery Monday

The personal benefits of a high voltage lithium battery | Battery Monday

Editorial: Issue Date:2021-06-29 Views:1063
Today's Battery Monday we will introduce you how high voltage lithium polymer batteries can benefit you.


With the improvement of electrical devices, the market has demanded higher requirements for their batteries, such as smaller size, longer discharge, larger capacity, etc. Based on these needs, high-voltage batteries are becoming increasingly popular. High voltage batteries are lithium polymer batteries with a nominal voltage over 3.7V. They are used for the purpose of being able to retain more power than ordinary batteries. With their ability to quickly charge and to provide high output, these batteries are widely used in the hybrid and electric industries, such as boat motors, drones, etc. LiHV's application-boat motor and drone


The difference between high voltage batteries and ordinary batteries is that the electrochemical window of the electrolyte in high voltage batteries is wider and the physicochemical properties of the positive electrode material in high voltage batteries are more stable than their counterpart. At present, there are pure cobalt and pure ternary systems for the positive electrode of high voltage batteries, and the matching negative electrode is high capacity, high compacted graphite or silicon carbon. The energy density of the high-voltage 4.35V system battery can reach up to 660Wh/L, while the high voltage 4.4V can reach 740Wh/L.


In terms of the discharge rate ( C-rate ), high voltage batteries have a higher discharge rate and should theoretically be more suitable for use in equipment that requires a large power output within a short window of time. High voltage batteries have a higher discharge platform, and high voltage batteries are lighter than standard batteries that have the same capacity. Overall, the extra voltage modestly improves the performance of appliances. High voltage batteries also have a high energy density. They can provide more capacity under the same conditions of use, so they have a longer battery life while delivering more power. Generally, the life of the high voltage battery of Grepow will be increased by 15-25%. The energy density of the battery reflects the storage capacity per unit weight of the battery and is calculated as follows: gravimetric energy density (Wh/kg) = battery capacity (Ah) × voltage (V) / weight (kg).


Thus, it can be seen that improving the energy density of lithium batteries can mainly be done by increasing the amount of positive and negative active substances, increasing the specific capacity of the material, as well as increasing the operating voltage and reducing the weight of the battery. As the technology behind high voltage batteries have matured over time so have their safety rating.  We strongly believe that high voltage batteries will become more and more widespread in the near future.



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