How do you find battery manufacturers rather than middlemen and resellers? 

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If this is your first time purchasing batteries, I think you should take a closer look at this article from the buyer’s experience. Customizing batteries is a very technical work. It is not easy for many electronic equipment manufacturers to find a manufacturer that makes battery customization. I’d like to give some information that will be useful to friends who are looking for a battery manufacturer. It’s not easy for the battery industry to find a battery manufacturer. It’s not easy to find the best battery manufacturer.

How to find the battery manufacturer accurately

First, let’s talk about finding battery manufacturers, not dealers, middlemen, resellers. Since it is a manufacturer, the company will certainly have manufacturing plants and battery experts.

Second, the company will have a lot of honor certificates and patents. These certificates are certainly city-level certificates of honor, and these patents are at least national and even international-level product patents. This is also a hard indicator of whether a company’s ability is excellent.

Third, the company’s products must have their own legal trademarks. Otherwise, there will be legal cases of trademark infringement. Fourth, now the information age is more and more developed, products can be traced to its production date, factory date and factory merchants. By making a product on the market, you can search the Internet for its battery company.

For example, I bought a Tattu drone battery on the market. Then you can search for the Tattu drone battery, and its official website will come out. Go to its official website to check on “about us” and we’ll find out the company that makes The Tattu batteries.

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How to judge it is one of the best battery manufacturers

Next, let’s talk about how we can tell if it’s the best battery manufacturer we’re looking for. I have said one of them just now. You can also learn from the survey market. There are two ways to investigate the market.

First, go directly to the market audience survey, the most popular drone battery, to see its full-year sales and global sales distribution. It is well known that it is difficult for any product to enter European countries and the United States market. If a product dominates most of the U.S. and European drone battery markets, that’s what it means. I think you should be clear.

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Second, get information from online searches. Search directly for the best drone battery manufacturers, Google will tell you the answer. Third, contact the battery manufacturer directly for detailed parameters of their products and various certification information and test ingress. Speak with data and strength.

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