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Grepow Lithium Batteries for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)


GREPOW Custom AGV lithium batteries eliminate the headaches associated with lead-acid batteries. The automated guided vehicles that GREPOW develops are always tailored to your requirements in detail. Not only does this package include navigation and safety systems but energy management as well, of course. Please contact us for a quote that matches the required specifications.


Lithium Battery

First of all, GREPOW provides you with the best lithium batteries. These batteries are suitable for the most demanding conditions, such as high charge/discharge currents, wet environments and mechanical shock or vibration. To cope with this situation, these batteries feature a rugged, water-resistant housing and an optimal battery management system (BMS). The BMS ensures efficient use of each individual battery and always indicates the current state of the battery.

GREPOW AGV lithium battery

AGV Battery Features

  1. Cleaner Power: Environmentally friendly – No sulfation, lead-free, and acid-free;
  2. Automotive industrial-grade design ideas to meet relevant safety test standards;
  3. 3C/5C fast charging technology, charging for 6 minutes, can support general AGV use for 2 to 3 hours, such a repeated cycle can greatly reduce the number of AGV inputs to reduce investment costs;
  4. High-precision SOC detection, high-performance BMS management system, with multiple communication/monitoring functions, extending battery life;
  5. Provide battery pack directional R&D, design and manufacturing services, and can provide battery pack products with 24V&48V and capacity 30~300Ah.

Safety performance:

Multiple safety protection measures:

GREPOW AGV Battery Multiple safety protection measures

Safety tests such as extrusion, thermal shock, overcharge, external short circuit and forced discharge have no fire or explosion, and comply with UN38.3, UL1642 and other regulations.

BMS customized service

BMS is not only equipped for energy storage applications and AGV battery modules, but also provides products and services for customers in need, and can provide battery pack directional R&D, design and manufacturing services according to customers' actual functional needs

BMS customized service

Battery for automated guided vehicles

Are you looking for automated guided vehicles? GREPOW likes to think along with you, also about the right energy management. We advise which is the right battery for your AGV. Challenge us, make your wishes known and schedule a no-obligation consultation!

If you have any requirement or inquiry about our products, welcome to contact us for more detailed information.

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