Triangle Battery

Triangle Battery characteristics

The novel triangular lithium ion battery relates to a polymer lithium ion battery having a folded structure inside a triangular shape. Designing a polymer lithium-ion battery in the interior space of a triangular appliance maximizes the space of the battery compartment, thereby increasing the design capacity of the battery and increasing the use time of the appliance. Grepow develops a new battery to provide A triangular lithium ion battery cell that improves the efficiency of mass production of a battery, is simple to manufacture, and saves raw materials. The triangular battery has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture, saves cost, and maximizes space utilization.

Triangle Battery
Grepow Triangle Battery Features:
  • High Energy density

  • High operating voltage

  • High Reliability

  • No memory effect

  • Long cycle life

  • Low Self-discharge

  • Charge/Discharge cycle characteristics are excellent

  • Safety characteristics are excellent

Grepow Triangle Battery Application:

Triangle battery can be customized according to customer requirements, including triangle battery size, capacity, voltage and so on.

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