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Customized Shaped Batteries

  • LiPo battery

    When the dimension and weight of electronics are critical our special shape batteries proven to deliver good durability and reliability, outstanding performance and long cycle life for fast-growing smart, portable and wearable electronics.

    With micro dimensions of 6-8mm and super thin batteries of 0.5-1.0mm high energy density, capacity, discharge performance and safety are the same as with ordinary batteries - just in the right shape to meet your demands. Possibilities are manifold: Arc-shape, trapezoid-shape, rectangle-shape, I-shape.

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  • Shaped Battery

    Custom shaped batteries to fit into any and all available space in your product for maximum efficiency.

    By utilizing Grepow's proprietary formula in our custom shaped cells, it will empower you against your competition.

    Grepow's high discharge rate technology and fast charging capabilities will allow you to overpower your competitors and lower downtime between uses.

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  • Ni-MH Battery

    Ni-MH Battery

    GREPOW produces high performance Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries for all professional and industrial applications like electronics, lighting, communications, power tools, medical equipment, home appliances, and other backup power systems. Our R&D team works closely with clients to provide the best solution for their batteries.

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  • LiFePO4 Battery

    LiFePO4 Battery

    The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery, is a type of rechargeable battery. Grepow’s LiFePO4 technologies offer high-powered cell performance compatible with lots of lithium-ion application to deliver more power and extend life.

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  • Battery Packs

    Battery Packs

    Grepow has an extensive category of batteries with different configurations and chemical formulas. Whatever requirements in Lithium Polymer Battery Packs, Grepow can offer off the shelf products or tailor a unique proposal.

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  • Modular Battery

    Modular Battery

    Grepow Modular batteries are advanced energy solutions, can be connected in series or parallel to increase capacity or voltage. Widely used to requiring high capacity or high voltage devices. Such as off-grid or micro-grid systems, UPS systems, security system or portable medical equipment. Grepow modular battery embeds BMS system for Lithium Iron Phosphate cell (LiFePO4) that offers a high level of safety and long lifespan. And Grepow LiFePO4 Battery solutions advantageously replace Lead-acid solutions perfectly.

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