Round Lithium Polymer Battery

Grepow Round Lipo Battery

Grepow Round Lipo Battery using unique technology, with high quality and reliability. We also offer customized services, according to your device size and capacity customized Lithium Polymer batteries. In addition to our wide rang of lipo battery varieties, we offer the most comprehensive customer-specific solutions. Emails us: info@grepow.com

Grepow round battery
Grepow Round Battery Features:
Grepow round lithium polymer battery series is fully in line with with the design of smart device; The round lipo battery provides more choice for your equipment, with the different capacities, different sizes and voltages. Grepow Round Battery Features:
  • Working voltage from 3.7V to 3.8V

  • Compact round design with higher density energy

  • A reasonable price

  • Save space and capacity maximization

  • low self-discharge rate

  • Longer battery life

Grepow Round Battery Application:
Smart watches, rings, sports bracelet, electric toothbrush, headset, bluetooth earphone, medical equipment, GPS and other wearable products.