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At Grepow we focus on customers’ needs just as much as our pride in battery quality, and we mean it. We offer an extensive amount of services and solutions to power our client’s projects and help them shape their future.
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  • Battery Design
    Battery Design
    We have a plethora of existing battery designs, but if you have something particular and different in mind, we’ll try to make it happen or design something that will work for you.
  • Battery Application R/D
    Battery Application R/D
    We assess the application provided and give you recommendations on what type of battery and chemistry should be used. That way you don’t have to worry about devices catching on fire during a flight. Ka-ching!
  • Technical Battery Support
    Technical Battery Support
    Sometimes issues occur that are not related to the battery cell itself. Sometimes it’s the battery pack, the BMS, the PCM/PCB, or other issues relating to a battery. We’re here to help with everything regarding our batteries and our added technologies.
  • Logistics
    We are an international company that works with small to Fortune 500 companies all around the globe. That’s a lot of travel time. So naturally we have shipping agents readily available to ship batteries straight to our clients.
  • After-Sales Support
    After-Sales Support
    From beginning to end, we make sure our client’s experience while working with Grepow is beyond satisfactory. That applies to after-sales as well. If there are issues after everything is said and done with the whole process, please contact us and we’ll make it right.

General Process

  • 01
    You’re off to a good start. One of our experienced sales representatives will look at your submitted documents to evaluate the information provided.
  • 02
    Once we acquire all necessary info regarding your inquiry we will forward your documents to our engineering department to develop the best solution based on your needs.
  • 03
    Specification & Verification
    Engineers will send the best solution found to our sales representative and relay the information back to you to verify the solution provided.
  • 04
    Once you verify the solution, we will formally send an estimated cost of service including any related fees to the fulfillment of the service.
  • 05
    Sample Production
    Before moving to mass production, sample batteries will be provided to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • 06
    Price Verification
    Once satisfied with the performance of samples and final design; a formal document of total price of services will be sent to you for final verification.
  • 07
    Production Schedule
    Once the order has been paid, a timeframe of the production will be relayed to your by your sales rep.
  • 08
    Batteries will be shipped to the customer’s designated location .
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